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NYC was the first State that we lived, we were sponsored by a Chinese Christian Church, and here I am still a Buddhist. I grew up in Brooklyn and Queens, but spent most of my weekends, and went to school in Manhattan, so the city will always hold a special place in my heart. You might wonder as to why I’m not living there right now.

Where I live is not entirely up to me, if it is, then I’d be living in CA right now (might not be able to afford to live there, but that’s another story,) that was the plan after I finished with schooling, but here I am living in the Southeastern part of the United States. Where I live is influenced by my parents, I moved here because of them, they can’t speak English well, and this is where they want to live, and since my mom passed, I still have my dad to consider, and it’s easier for me to convince myself that I’m happier here, than to convince my dad that we need to move elsewhere, the way I see it is that CA is not going anywhere, I can visit the city anytime I want, but my parents will not be here with me forever, take my mom for instance, she passed away January 2007. This might not be the American way of looking at things, but who said that I’m very Americanized, and this is definitely an Asian way of viewing things, but if nothing else, it’s my way of viewing it.

As I’ve mentioned in my earlier post, I still have three sisters living in Queens, and one in Upstate NY, so it still feels like home to me. I do have to say that the city is very attractive to young people, there is so much to do, places to see. My nephew moved to NYC after he graduated from high school, he is currently in school, and also working, and very happy here. He has friends that want to move to NYC, but I think it’s harder to adjust to the city if you don’t have any family, one thing is that housing is very expensive, a small studio is about $1,000/monthly (not in Manhattan), hard to find a roommate since it’s very small, might be only 350-400 SF of living space, other than that, it’s great here.

Above is the Empire State Building, a view from Brooklyn Bridge, and below is a close up view at 34th Street.

A great way to see the city is to ride this Red double decker bus, which has lower level enclosed seating and open top.

Also, subway is the transportation of choice to commute to work, or just to get around the city.

So this is city living.

I’m happy to say that I got my new computer yesterday, and absolutely love it, my first post from my new PC.


  1. Oh my Ginger. You’re really making me want to move to New York.. Lols.It seems like happiness for you.. I want to find my happiness too..And, I’m sorry for your lost. But, wow, the apartment is very expensive. Ginger, did you took these photos? Maybe when I graduate in May of 2009, I will have a chance to visit there, if i can’t live in New York. But, thanks again for the information.
    Hlee Moua

  2. Hi hleemoua, thank you for your kind words, and yes, I took all the photos, somehow I never get bored of seeing the skyline and the city, it’s very beautiful. I hope you will at least visit, I think you will like living there.

  3. Hi Ginger, and thank you for the lovely pics of NY.

    I am thinking about taking a holiday in NY this November. I doubt that I will spend all of the 2 weeks in the Big Apple as I also want to travel around.

    Tell me, what will the waether be like then, do I need to bring my coats?

    Also, do you know where there is a large Lao Community, and will they celebrate the Boun That Luang Festival in the US?

    Gracias. 🙂

  4. Hello Laocook, the weather will be cold in November, so you will need to bring your winter coat. As for the Lao Community in the US, I believed CA has the largest, especially in the San Diego area, but I’m not sure about Boun That Luang Festival in the US, we don’t have anything like that in our area.

    I think there is no comparison to Laos when it comes to Boun events, I would want to be in Laos to celebrate Boun That Luang Festival. 🙂

  5. Thanks Ginger.

    I had heard that there was a big community in San Diego, perhaps I will try to see if I can get over there at some point. I have been to SF before and really liked it as well as LA. However this will be my first visit to the East Coast. I have a few restaurants that I want to visit in NY, as well as the usual sightseeing things that need to be done.

    So I guess that I´ll need a coat for NY and Shorts for San Diego?

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