Buddhist Monks Garden in August

A Wat or temple is a place for retreat where some of us find our inner peace. It is also a place to wash away the rust that has been clinging to our heart, learning to let go of the past and to start fresh with the new beginning.

Here I am, visiting Wat (Temple) again for Thot Phapa, it is the day of presentation the forest robe to the monks, and giving donation to support the temple. My favorite place is the garden, and along the two sides of the walkway are persimmon trees, in fact there are over 200 persimmon trees at this temple.

These 2 are strange looking.

There are 2 spirit houses near the garden, when Buddhism first arrived in Thailand (Siam) over 2500 years ago, spirit worship, or animism, was already widely practiced throughout Asia. Today, many of these animistic beliefs are intertwined with Buddhism and it is here that the Spirit House makes its entrance.

These unique, small houses can be seen in every prominent spot outside Thai business establishments, temples, and private homes. They provide an appealing shelter for the spirits, or celestial beings, who would otherwise reside in the heavens. These are benevolent spirits, they protect the home, gardens, and business of the owner. (Source)

The garden looks beautiful comparing to my last visit in Mid June.

I think bamboos are prettiest close up.

I have not seen this in ages, definitely a treat for the hot summer.


  1. I heard that there are couple temples here in Georgia, but i just haven’t found the time to go to one. I need to talk to my Lao friend to give me direction to one so i can go see one for myself.

  2. really..I lived in Georgia too.COOLL.you should tell me where the temple is at when u have the chance to find one. I would love to go and visit one..

  3. in GA, I found these Buddhist temples,


    Wat Lao Photisaram
    4443 East Conley Road
    Conley, Georgia 30288
    Phone: 404-608-0004

    Wat Lao Buddhamoongcoon
    2325 Hillside Road
    Riverdale, Georgia 30296
    Phone: 770-994-9270
    Contact person: Ven. Banrith Sengmaniraja

    Wat Lao Buddha Khanti
    4052 Zoar Church Road
    Snellville, Georgia 30039
    Phone: 770-979-9375
    FAX: 770-979-9173

    The last one on the list, I’ve had male friends that went there for Buddhist camp, and I believed they like it there, I’m not sure if it’s far from you guys.

  4. The first two are both towards teh other side of atlanta. But the one in Snellville seems to be the closes to me. I have a friend who lives in Snellville, so that one isn’t too far from me. I think I should really check one out. It would be nice to finally go to one. I was suppose to go to the one in riverdale with a friend for the Laos new year, but it was too far for my to drive. But Since there is one in Snellveille, i think i should really check it out. Thanks for the research!!!

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