City Living and Ground Zero

My old computer is 8 years old; the last batch of photos took me forever to process, and I was concerned with my next batch, in the back of my mind, I kept thinking that I had to delete some of the old photos, unused softwares, or upgrading the computer in hoping that it’d last me another year, I do have to admit that I used it a lot for blogging and researches.

But things happened for a reason, when I got back from NYC, I knew that my old computer wouldn’t be able to handle the new set of photos that I took, and to my surprised, it wouldn’t turn back on, and when it finally did, it kept cutting off. I knew then that it was time for me to buy a new computer. I order a new computer from Dell on Monday, but will not get it until the end of next week, so I’m blogging on borrow time, no telling when this will shut down again.

My second sister called me one day last week to see if I wanted to go to NYC with them, my oldest sister is buying a co-op and wants us to see the place before making her final decision, it has been 2 years since I last visited, and I kind of missed the city. We drove all night, and got there early Friday morning, the view of the skyline is amazing. It was too dark for me to get a good shot, all I got is the picture of the highway, this was right before we got to my third sister’s house in Jamaica, Queens.

Even though I grew up in NYC, went to school in Manhattan, but every time I look at the skyline, I still find myself amazed of how beautiful it is, I can really picture myself living there again. My other place of choice would be California, I’m still daydreaming about visiting the city again, I was there when I was little for a short time.

My oldest sister new place looks amazing, we were a bit worried about her not finding a place because everything is so expensive, and she is very picky and wants one with a view, and not just any view, but the view of Manhattan. I think to get that, you’ve to pay $75,000 more just for the view, and sure enough, this place cost more because of this view.

It is on the 13th floor, and very typical of most places that they would skip that number, so the first floor of this building is called a lobby, and she will be on the 12th floor. The unit is in good condition, fairly new kitchen, all it needs is new paint, and she is ready to move in.

The last time I visited NYC was in September of 2006, first time I had gone back since 911, and one of the places that I visited was the old World Trade Center site, but due to our short visit, we saw ground zero at night.

So ground zero was first on my list. I really didn’t know what to expect, the last I read about this was on July 1, 2008, an article from New York Post: GROUND ZERO: GRIM TRUTH, and part of the article read,

Port Authority Executive Director Christopher Ward confessed to the obvious yesterday: Six-plus years, two governors and hundreds of millions of dollars after 9/11, Ground Zero reconstruction has gone so far off the rails no one can say when – or even if – the project will be finished.
There are no working timetables.
There are no reliable cost estimates.
There is a hole in the ground that may someday morph into something resembling a finished product – but there is virtually no hope that it will look much like the grandiose scheme put forward in the wake of 9/11
Thank you, George Pataki.
Thank you, Eliot Spitzer.
And thanks also to the politicians nominally responsible for Ground Zero – Mayor Bloomberg, Rep. Jerrold Nadler and Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver – who never once uttered a meaningful word about the mess.
It’s not like it was a secret: These pages first called attention to the developing debacle in 2002!
First we called it “Pataki’s Pit.”
Then it was “Eliot’s Abyss.”
Give Gov. Paterson credit for bringing the charade to a halt before he, too, was sucked into the hole in the ground. (Read the rest of the article here)

When I got there on 8/1/2008, Friday afternoon, the area is blocked off, apparently, the construction of the new building(s) has begun, but no telling when it will be completed, maybe 9/11/11 and I believed that this is what it would look like. (Source)

I took these pictures from Century 21 Department Store; there were many people there taking photos and watching the construction in progress.

What ever it’s going to be, I can’t say that it will replace the old World Trade Center, especially for me, I used to go there on the weekends with my sisters, and had fond memories. I have more photos and hope to post in the next day or so.


  1. A change of scene is always good to have once in a while. But must have been a drastic change for you.

    Congrats on your sister’s new apartment purchase. Is she within walking distance to Central Park or even the work place? I think the best part of city living is not having to commute long distance to work.

    Everytime I get out to San Francisco, I feel more alive seeing all the people going about their city life. But I am happiest when I am surrounded by nature 🙂

  2. Salat wrote: Everytime I get out to San Francisco, I feel more alive seeing all the people going about their city life. But I am happiest when I am surrounded by nature 🙂

    Hi Salat, I’m very much like you, and I guess it’s a plus for me to have sisters in NYC because it would be costly to visit the city.

    Her new place is not in Manhattan (but in Queens,) and on a clear day, I would say she would be able to see the Central Park with a binocular, this picture (the view) was taken around 9:30 AM, Saturday morning, and it was a bit cloudy. This new place is within a walking distance of a subway and shopping area, situated in a very convenient location. It would take her about 30 minutes of subway ride to get to her work place in uptown Manhattan, and her current place that she is living now, she has to take the bus to the subway station, then take the subway into the city, estimate commute time could very well be over 1 hour.

    My sister can’t afford a place in Manhattan, I really don’t know what it’s going for but I would say 600-800 SF place might be around 2-3 millions, if it’s within a walking distance to Central Park, then it might be way, way more. Housing prices in NYC is very much like CA. 😦

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