Duck, Goose, and Swan

When I took these photos at the park 2 weeks ago, I really didn’t know if they were geese or wild ducks until I saw a post ‘We Got Goosed Monday’, the geese in these photos have beautiful long neck, almost embarrassed that I couldn’t tell the difference.

[Updated: comment by Rambling Woods, at ‘We Got Goosed Monday’ post said,

“Ginger..the photo you linked is a Canada Goose. The neck doesn’t look as long because of the angle of the photo…”

So, the first 2 photos of mine are Canada geese, thank you so much for confirming.]

After doing some reading, I found out that ducks are mostly aquatic birds, mostly smaller than their relatives the geese and swans. The word duck, meaning the bird, came from the verb “to duck” meaning “to bend down low as if to get under something” or “to dive,” because of the way many species in the dabbling duck group feed by upending.

The photos below are geese, from fish and frog-turtle and blog.blogspot.com, from the post I mentioned above.

Below are beautiful photos of swans by Vanda’s Pictures at Flickr

There might be some similarities, but they look different. After looking at all the photos, I’m still a bit confused because my first and second photos of what I think are wild ducks look just like geese [Edited: that’s because they are Canada geese.]

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  1. Ginger – First of all thanks mentioning our blog and for the links to it. It is really appreciated and I glad to see you liked the photo’s.

    About your birds. I’m not much of an authority on water fowl at all but those may actually be geese. They certainly do look like the geese I’m familiar with. In my photo of the geese out of the water they are all standing erect with their necks stretched nearly to the limit checking out the surrounding area. They were probably extra attentive and anxious because I was nearby. When in the water and relaxed with their necks at a different angle to their bodies I don’t think their necks look nearly so long. Plus, your photo’s are mostly from the front which could possibly minimize how long the necks look in some cases.

    I hope someone more knowledgeable and familiar with ducks and geese can chime in with some specific identification information.

  2. Well that was fast. Just got a comment on my blog that the photo link that you provided was indeed a Canada Goose. She even mentioned that the angle of the photo probably made the neck look not so long.

  3. BakerWatson, you are welcome, and thanks for clearing this for me, I will update my post. I think yours look taller because they are posing for group photos like those that you’ve mentioned in your post, they’re very organized. 🙂 Unlike mine, they can’t even stay in a straight line.

  4. Hello Ginger…I was the one who talked about the geese. Don’t feel bad as a few years ago, I wouldn’t have known anything about them until we moved to this house that has a pond. There are usually Canada geese, but right now we have mallard ducklings and wood duck ducklings. My blog is all about the nature around the pond like Baker’s blog is.

    I also have bookmarked your other blog. I am reading a book right now that my daughter sent me. Awakening The Buddhist Heart: Integrating Love, Meaning, and Connection into Every Part of Your Life. It is very interesting.

    I see that you came from Laos. I taught in a school and one of my students had recently come over from Laos. He was a special needs student as that is the kind of class I had and he needed an interpreter. The nice man who interpreted told me many stories and I remember him fondly. –Michelle–

  5. Hi Michelle, thanks for the visit. I’m very new at nature and blogging is a learning process for me. I guess I was thinking that the goose is a lot bigger than what I saw, but I think pictures made them appear bigger than real life.

    Yes, I came from Laos and left there when I was only about 5 or 6 years old and hope to go back to visit soon. I can’t wait to go take pictures of the my homeland.

    I visited your blog earlier and love your photos, that’s one thing I like about blogging, being able to share. Thanks.

  6. At the park I usually visit, there are many ducks and Canadian geese too. But no swans.

    The Canadian geese like to leave droppings on the grass, so we have to watch our steps carefully. 🙂

  7. Salat, I don’t recall ever see the Swan either. Now you tell me about the droppings, I never pay attention, I really have to look next time. I had planned to visit the park the weekend we went to NYC, I found out 2 days before we left of the change of plan, but the park is not going anywhere, we might go back in a week or two.

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