Dragonfly and Rice Paddy

I do have to admit that I feel like a little kid today chasing after dragonflies, they are so small that I couldn’t capture them with the auto focus, I had to switch to manual mode, and since I’m very new at this, by the time I had it focused, it was gone. Then I happened to look down and saw one by the rice paddy bank, this one stays there for a long time and I got several good shots.

There are plenty of dragonflies hovering over the rice paddy, and when they do land on the strand of rice, they don’t stay still very long, somewhat frustrating when I had to manually adjusted focusing, and by the time I had them clear enough, then they’re gone, I think a telephoto lens would be a perfect solution.

The rice paddy is ready to make Kao Mao or young sticky rice, but he is not doing it because it’s too much work involved. I got lucky today because the owner was out working in his garden, and he showed me one grain of rice, after peeling off the cover, the rice still looks very young and after breaking it into half, I can see milky liquid, he said that it’s ready for Kao Mao, this is the normal white sticky rice.

There is no mistake on the color of this one, you are seeing it right, purple color, and that’s because it’s the Kao Khom, or Purple Sticky Rice, very pretty and this is my first time seeing Kao Khom in a rice paddy.

The very far end of his rice paddy is a normal white rice; they’re a bit taller than the sticky rice and a lot greener. He plants very little of it in comparison to the white sticky rice and Purple Sticky Rice.

I do have to admit that it’s hot as hell (which I don’t mind, I kind of like the hot weather, and can take the heat,) I’m out here for about 10 minutes and I’m sweating like crazy, but you probably don’t feel it, and do enjoy the photos. 🙂


  1. […] It’s a bit too soon for me to take photos of the rice paddy, I just posted it on Wednesday of last week, and it’s now only Monday, but things progress very fast because of the hot summer sun. Rice paddy is not the reason why I went there today, I wanted to take photos of the dragonfly, they are such beautiful and fascinating creatures, and fast too, but I spotted one nearby and got a good shot, to see more photos at my blog. […]

  2. Glad to see you out chasing dragonflies again. You are getting some good captures. You are right about things progressing fast during the summer and you have to get those shots when those dragonflies are plentiful.

    They do seem to flit around a lot when there are so many places for them to perch.

  3. Hi BakerWatson, thanks, I think they are beautiful, I’ll go back again the beginning of next week to take pictures of the rice paddy, and hopefully they’d still be around.

  4. Ginger – I replied to one of your recent comments on my blog about auto vs manual settings. I’m not sure if you read the reply but I mentioned the fact that you and Michelle (a photographer/nature lover, you should check out her blog) gave me an idea about how to answer a lot of the photo comments and questions I run across on my blog, particularly comments from people saying they have tried to take small creature photo’s or would like to.

    I’ve been working on a modest little project and thought you might find it interesting. I would like your comments and suggestions if you have an opportunity to visit it. It’s still a work in progress of course, but I hope to expand it. I think it is rather self-explanatory. Of course I am planning on adding more pages as time goes by.

    If you get a chance I would love for you to check it out.


    (lol, just noticed the title has bad spelling – gotta remember to adjust that)

  5. Hi BakerWatson, thanks for letting me know, I will check out when I have more time.

    I like it, the pages are user friendly, very amusing to read, and you offer a lot of your personal experience. It’s very interesting, especially the ones that you’ve photo of, and adding more data as you come upon the subject, I’m thinking that you’ll be making a new post at your main blog, then link it to your new page as a reference and/or vice versa, pretty soon you’ll have enough data to publish a book. 🙂

  6. Thanks for checking it out.

    I originally set up those pages to move some of the lists (such as the lists of plants and birds) off of the blog as the sidebar was getting way too long. Those lists are linked from the blog if someone cares to look at them. Of course I still need to add pictures to them to spice them up.

    The photo tips was just something I thought of when I commented on your blog about some of the things I had tried and when I read the comments from Michelle on my blog about trying to take photo’s of dragonflies. I thought it would be good to pass along a few suggestions to amateurs like myself of some of things I had tried that worked out well for me. I have at least 2-3 additional tips/suggestions and will create additional pages for them. I think I will probably post about it and provide a link on my blog when I get at least 4-5 tips written up with some photo’s to go along with them. It’s not a real sophisticated set-up but perhaps some will find in helpful.

    Thanks again for you comments.

  7. HOw beautiful! you are a very talented photographer! very beautiful!

    Gosh those rice paddies are almost ready for harvest. I went to take pictures of my aunt’s rice paddies and they are not even close to being ready for harvest. The rice pods has not even grown yet.

  8. Hi mozemoua, thanks for the nice comment, I love taking pictures, and you calling me ‘a very talented photographer’ made me blush, I could never call myself that 😳

    I saw your rice paddy post at your blog, real healthy looking rice plants, I can’t wait to see more rice pods.

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