Small Garden in Late July

This post is for EVERYONE 🙂 , my dad’s garden is at its prime, and I’m thinking that this might be my last post on this year’s garden. The string beans are a success; he has them in two areas, one at the garden area, and another by the deck. My dad ties white clothes on the beans that he is saving for next year’s planting, otherwise we would pick them first because they are ones of the best-looking beans.

Updated 7/26/2008: I updated more photos at the bottom of this post on my section of garden and fishpond, water garden.

Another row of string beans by the deck.

Below photos are from my garden/backyard: My string beans are not doing too bad this year, I’m thinking about moving the planting area to a different part of the yard next year.

Updated 7/26/2008: I finally learned how to use the manual mode on my camera, a tip from Digital Photography School (DPS,) the photo of the string beans below is taken in a manual mode, it was impossible for me to take with auto focus because the strands of string beans are too thin, making it impossible to focus, and it kept wanting to focus on the pepper bush in the background. DPS is a place I hang out a lot this day.

The Ginkgo tree is a lot taller this year.

and yes, lots of “Chi” energy from this puppy. 🙂

Updated 7/26/2008: This is what is called a water garden, and in comparison to last year, I think this year fishpond is very healthy, as you can see the beautiful floating water plants that’s practically covered the surface of the pond; a good water quality is the foundation of life in my fishpond, and aquatic plants help to keep my fishpond in balance by removing nutrients away from the green algae, but water pump is still needed to clean and keep the water moving, circulating oxygen enriched water to keep fish and pond filter bacterial alive, the filter makes sure the water remains clean and healthy for the fishpond, also you certainly don’t want this to be a breeding ground for mosquitoes. So far, I have had 2 sets of babies Koi fish, the first set didn’t make it, but this time, it seems like they’re growing, I’ve spotted 2 baby Koi fish, one orange, and one black.


  1. I love eating sting beans! As kids we used to make them like we would make papaya salad.. It’s been a long time since i’ve ate it like that!! I also enjoy it when dipping into pepper!!

    you plant these on your own? wow, I am impressed!!!

  2. Lyn, help yourself. 😉

    Hi mozemoua, they are from my dad’s garden, but the last 5 photos bottom section are photos from my garden/yard. My second sister that lives with my dad did all the planting, she has the green thumb, and my dad cares for it, we’ve had some good rain fall this year in our area.

  3. woo..look at those mak phet! yum. I like the idea of tying white strings on certain ones so you don’t pick the ones you want to save..or friends helping themselves to your garden don’t pick them! LOL! 🙂

  4. Hi Kelly, my dad’s mak phet are very hot, I could only use 1 or 2 in my Tum. The white rope helps because he doesn’t have to be out there telling us what not to pick, everyone is happy. 🙂

  5. I love your garden/fish pond. It is charming in its simplicity of design and the red bridge is so inviting. Looks like it is in good shape.

    When I was searching for some pond information I ran across a site you might find interesting if you have never seen it before. It provides all types of information about garden/fish ponds. I think it would be a good resource for info if you have any questions or concerns about your pond and its eco-system. It is maintained by a lady who obviously has a passion for her ponds and animals and loves to share beneficial information, tips, and other resources for all types of garen pond issues.

  6. Hi Baker Watson, thanks for your nice comment and the link, I will definitely check it out; I need to learn more about caring for the baby Koi fish. As for the red bridge, I came up with the design and my dad built it, it’s very nice and he did a good job. I think having a fish pond is a lot of work, but the rewards are tenfold. 🙂

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