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US Rice Paddy in Mid July

Sometimes I feel guilty taking pictures of this rice paddy, the voice of my American co-worker that came with me the last time keeps echoing in my head, “This is a lot of hard work! So true, it is back-breaking work, here I am, admiring its beauty, and I’m wondering if the owner would see its beauty as I’m seeing now.

When we were living in Thailand, we were farmers and I can’t say that my parents saw the beauty in the rice paddy. I think they worried more if the rice plants were healthy, if it’d produce enough rice to feed the family, enough seeds for the next planting season, enough to sale and have enough money left to pay for the rental of the farm land, and yes, believe or not, many farmers don’t own the rice paddy, many lease the land, and even the water buffaloes, if you don’t own one, you can easily find one to lease, but I’m sure most farmers this day would use the steel buffalo (tractor) instead, but I believe some farmers would lease this as well.

As rice prices soar, I’m sure the owner is admiring his rice paddy and the last time that I spoke to him, harvest time is approaching, and he mentioned that it’s around August 20, that’s only a month away. I was hoping to see some rice today since the rice plants are a lot taller, but nothing yet, nevertheless, it is still beautiful.

6 thoughts on “US Rice Paddy in Mid July”

  1. It’s look like a piece of Laos is closer then we think. Great to see how healthy those rice paddies look 🙂 You are getting really good and taking pictures these days. Keep it up!

  2. hummm.. for some reasons.. i didn’t see the place to comment in your “last meal” post.. so since i cant reply there, i’ll reply here.. ahaha.. Either way, I am too scare to think of what i would like to eat before i leave this world and etc. Not something i would like to think of!

    Love those rice paddies! It makes me miss my old house! I guess I’ll have to go over there sometimes and take pictures of the rice field my cousins had grew this year. thanks for sharing.

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