The Simple Things in Life

Rain photo by TiMm1 at Flickr

Back when I was little living in Laos, the most joyfulness time was when it rains, we were allowed to run around naked in the rain (I’m not saying me, and if I were, I was only 4 or 5 years old), unlike the rain here in the US, the rain in Laos is heavy and you could literally see the water coming down in straight line, at least that is how I remembered it to be. When I saw the last passing storm in our area one day last week, it rained hard, and the rain reminds me of the simple things in life, things that we all take for granted, it reminds me to worry less, live life a bit more.

Hydrant fun photo by Idle Type at Flickr

When we moved to America, it was a big adjustment for me, from the tropical jungle of Laos/Thailand to the concrete jungle of New York City, but I adjust well, I was one of the typical city kids. I grew up in Brooklyn, NY and to beat the summer heat, someone always busted the fire hydrant and that’s when the fun begins. This video below reminds me of the time when I was little, this is what being a kid is all about…

We went to the park on Sunday, and seeing this makes me want to play with these kids. I think next time I might bring an extra change of clothes.

To beat the summer heat, some people might like to hang out at the mall, but that can be costly. I personally like the park, it’s a great way to spend your day, and the fresh outdoor air is great. I brought some of my fish food, but I didn’t see any fish, so I decided to feed the duck instead.

It was a nice day, but it rained later that evening, very typical for weather during this time of the year.

I think my little puppy is worn out.


  1. The simple thing in life and the innocence of a child. *sigh*
    The hard rain hitting the metal roof is something to remember.
    When the rain is over we would go around collecting fruits like mango or lychee that had fallen from the tree. Making a paper boat and let it sail down a temporary stream on a street created by the rain and flooding.
    No TV,PS3/360/Wii nor computer to mess with. It was a simple fun and we didn’t have a care in the world. Watching them having fun like that remind me how fun being a kid.

  2. awww.. the simplest things in life are things we miss most about life it self! Small little thing brings back so much of one’s childhood. THe best of times.

    I do sometimes wish I was a kid all over again and not have to worry about paying the bills, have food on the table and still have enough to pay for gas and etc!

    I had vow to myself, I’ll someday visit the place of my birth, Laos.

    I would love to go camping all over again! The cabin trip really reminded me of my childhood camping trip with the family! Me and my cousin had a little talk about how one simple cabin trip can bring back our whole entire childhood.

  3. Hi Dallas, time has changed indeed, I remembered doing all that you did, that was the good old day, we didn’t even have TV back then. I think we can still have the happiness, it’s all in our attitude, we need to spend less time indoor, and more time doing the things that we like.

    mozemoua, sometimes I feel like I’m a kid blogging and in away it’s a little get away for most of us, a place where we share a part of ourselves. Being an adult is a lot of responsibility but that’s part of life, and if we don’t live above our mean, then I believed everything will work out. Laos is also a place on my next agenda; I think most of us need to go back at least once for closure.

  4. I wish I could have experienced more of Laos as a young child. I would love to experience the rain coming in a straight line like Ginger. Or get to go collect lychee or mango like Dallas. Maybe one day I will do all that, and not necessarily as a child, but it would be just as sweet!

    Ginger, thanks for the reminding us not to forget what it’s like to be a kid again. Seeing kids play in the summertime always put a smile on my face 🙂 And cute puppy – pets also make life very nice!

  5. Lol, I think you can still go play outside in the rain, just not running around naked. 😉

    I think childhood memories are precious, it’s good to be able to share, and just talking about it is making me homesick, I like Dallas memory best.

    I read in my local paper that having a pet in your home is good Feng Shui. Pets emit a strong, positive form of energy in your home, because they’re constantly in motion. There’s no better feng shui for your home than having an animal running around in it, spreading positive chi (flow of energy). He is a busy body.

  6. Hey Ginger, “chi” is not the only thing they be dropping around the house. 😛 …just kidding.

  7. Hi Dallas, no kidding…it was awful at first, but he is getting better now, pretty soon, he’ll be speaking Lao. 🙂

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