Small Garden in Mid July

This post is for my oldest sister. It has been raining a lot lately, but mostly passing storms that bring welcoming rain to Dad’s garden, see his garden now in comparison to my last post. One of the reasons that Dad’s garden is looking very good is because his land used to be a horse farm. The owner of this farm sold part of the plot, and now it’s a subdivision, but part of the horse farm is still there, right in front of Dad’s house. I’m very fortunate today to see the horses outside; one walked right up to me and strikes a post.

My water plants look real healthy, and other vegetables are coming along, I grew my a bit late.

My younger sister redone her fish pond, and their garden is looking real good.


  1. Wow, the magnificent string beans are grown. And his sunflower has out bloomed ours. This year’s garden is a success.

  2. absolutley stunning! I love your water litlies!!! I saw my parent’s garden this past week, and it’s also looking great, my mom had been giving us some sting beans each time she comes by or when we go over there.

    We were suppose to go horse back riding this past weekend after our trip, but because of the weather, it didn’t permit us to do so. Such a pity.

  3. Even tho you always say “this is for my oldest sister” I love this part of your blog : ))
    It inspired us to put in a small fish pond two weekends ago…(digging a 4′ deep hole was good workout) Hopefully fish and plants stay happy. Your dad’s garden looks so healthy! Thanks for sharing : )

  4. Hi Sim, it’s like this every year, and we’ve string beans galore, and the cucumber, it seems that we can’t eat them fast enough; it’s as if they’ve grown overnight. This year has good rain for farming and gardening in our area. Btw, the sunflower is mine; I only have one, looks like a little sunshine. 🙂

    Mozemoua, I have another water lily blooms today, white color, real refreshing to look at. I rode horse once, since I had experience riding water buffalo, it was easy for me, I told them this and they thought I was joking with them, from the look of me, I was serious but I guess it just sounded comical to them, it was lots of fun.

    Hi Kelly, I wrote that because I didn’t want to annoy readers, but I’m glad that you’re enjoying this also, my oldest sister that lives in NYC loves to look at the photos during her lunch break. This is the prime of my dad’s garden, so I’d expect things to slow down some in the next months or so, but it’s good to capture this in photos.

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  6. Sabaidee!
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  7. Laobuddy, I replied your comment via email.

    Hi Vanndii, thanks for the visit, and glad you like the pictures. I need to visit your blog again, I’m not sure what I’m reading, is that Dutch?

  8. The garden is looking better every time you give us an update. I think your dad has a “gardening fan club” now 🙂

    One of my best childhood memory is picking fresh long beans and cucumber from the vines. Fresh crunchy cucumber, rinsed in cold water, is really one of the best summer treats.

    Thanks for sharing the photos, they bring back lots of good memories for me.

  9. Hi Salat, now I’m pressure to produce some good photos 🙂 . I’m glad that everyone is enjoying this because I was worried at first that this might be a bit too boring for most people, but I can see that there is a gardener in all of us.

    Hi Malee, thanks for the visit and nice comment. As for the state, I’ve never posted, and I replied this part of your question via email.

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