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Our Family Reunion

I came from a large family, 7 sisters total and 6 are here, some from NYC visiting, but one couldn’t make it. It’s kind of sad really, I was shocked to hear that last weekend, whilst my brother in-law was checking his SUV, changing the brake pad, and everything, then a freak accident happened. His driveway sits on a slope, and he must have worked on his car at the very spot for over 10 years, his hobby is fixing car but not a mechanic by trade, and after he changed his brake pad, put his car on park, but forgot about the hand brake and/or emergency brake, then he removed the ramps, the car started to roll towards him and pinned him to the garage of his town home, his neighbors came out, almost 10 men couldn’t push the SUV up his driveway, then there was a guy that was visiting his sick aunt, he got in the car and drove forward and freed my brother in-law, needless to say, he has several fractured ribs, and luckily that it was not life threatening, and when I heard of his accident, I thought of many out there that might have done something similar, an accident just waiting to happen, please be careful out there.

So they are not here visiting with us, but my dad still has a full house, and lots of food, but don’t worry, we didn’t eat all in one meal.

This potbelly pig belongs to my dad’s neighbor, good thing that we didn’t run out of food, and beyond the fence are horses, it’s good to know.

My dad’s garden is not producing vegetable fast enough, I’m fortunate to get photos of his string beans, trust me, it was gone as soon as I finish taking the pictures. It’s nice to have a family get together, you can call it a family reunion.

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  1. Thank you giiid, he was in the hospital for several days, but he is home now recovering. The last I heard was that he is able to help himself getting around some; they will visit us in Christmas.

  2. I am glad to hear of your brother-in-law recovery. When I was younger I like to tinker with my car as well. You don’t know how much grief my father gave me about safety. We always have to put a concrete block or large piece of wood underneath the wheel. Father knows best.

    Those food look so good. I wish I was part of the family too. 😉
    oh, can you pack the deer meat/beef mam and send it to me please please!!
    I have not eaten that for over 10 years now.

  3. Nye, what kind of camera do you have? The pictures you take are beautiful and the quality is exceptional.

  4. Great to hear your brother inlaw is getting better and sorry to hear about his accident. Thanks for your words at my blog. Im still new with wordpress, so do bear with me a little. I am still trying to learn all the little details of the blog and hoping that I can finally learn how to use it fully within the next month.

    I really like your pond! My brother wanted to start one, and so do I, but it’s going to cost so much money and time. As busy as I am, I am not ready to spend all the time i dont have yet. tehehe

  5. i’m sorry to hear about your brother inlaw Nye.. wish him a speedy recovery.

    Wow, all of the food seems so good! My mouth was just watering looking at all the som tum’s.. I would die for some lum yai right now too. Hope you had a great 4th =]

  6. Hi Joy, sorry for the late reply, I was out of town. I’ve a Canon EOS Digital Rebel XTI, and it came with an EF-S 18-55 lens, but it didn’t give me the zooming capacity that I was after, so I upgraded the lens to EF 24-105mm f/4L IS USM, which is what you’re seeing here. I don’t know a lot about camera, but sometimes I feel like I’ve gone the wrong way of doing things, such as I should be getting the full professional camera, which I can’t afford right now. I’m happy with what I have and for what I needed it for, it’s more than enough, and thanks for complimenting my pictures. 🙂

  7. Hi Dallas, sometimes we don’t think about what we’re doing, but hearing story like this would make some of us to think twice. The ‘mam’ is actually from shrimp, I don’t get to eat it very often also, and for the beef jerky, it’s gone, but if you want it, I might have to climb the fence and get you some horse jerky 😉 . It’s ashamed that we don’t do a lot of Lao food now since my mom passed, might be because we don’t know how, I need to learn how to cook Lao food, I only know the dishes that I like.

    ascandaloussin, sometimes I feel like my brother in-law is so unlucky, but then again so lucky that he wasn’t handicapped or even death, the impacted was very much like a car accident, the back window was shattered, and part of the car was damaged, he lost conscious and was in ER over night.

    The pond is costly, especially the pump, I must have spoke about it almost a year before doing it, but you always make time for what you like. 🙂

    Hi Jey, thanks, the doctor is taking him off from those addictive pain pills, and he is not too happy, the normal pain pill is not strong enough, but the last that I’ve heard, he is doing better. I went to Wat Lao Buddhavong festival but I didn’t get to see Ken Tennessee, he might have came out when I wasn’t there, but it was fun, I will be posting some pictures later.

  8. Sorry to hear about your brother-in-law Ginger. He is lucky to still be alive or be able to walk again. I also wish him a fast recovery.

    Glad to hear your sisters were able to enjoy the fresh veggies from the garden too. And love the fresh longons, those are good! Lao family reunions (or any get together) are always about the (best) food arent’ they? Thanks for sharing the pics, if not the food with us. 🙂

  9. Thanks Salat, things happen, I hope you’ll keep in mind and remind those that you know that do something similar to this.

    My sisters had a good time, we’ve a get together every July 4th week, most of us are off from work that week, sometimes I wish that we would visit them in NYC instead, but they only offer this to us during Christmas week, and it’s too cold.

  10. thank for the info Nye. I am going to look into the camera.. i need to upgrade from my regular point and shoot digital camera.

  11. Hi Joy, you’re welcome. Canon has a new version of EOS Rebel XSi that is a step up from mine, it has better features, and just came out in April of this year, the price is also reasonable, you might like this one.

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