Small Garden in Late June

This post is for my oldest sister. This is my last post before you’ll finally get to see Dad’s garden next week; everything is looking very good, as always. I think dad takes good care of his garden, everything is blooming or bearing fruits comparing to 10 days ago.

My second sister has 2 water lilies in bloom, one in pink, which she has not seen this one herself because it only blooms at noontime, and she was at work.

I also have one in my pond that is real pretty.

The rest of Dad’s garden,



  1. I’m ready to reach in and take a couple of peppers and tomatoes right off the plants. The crabapple crop looks like a bumper crop this year. Do you make jelly out of the crabapples?

  2. Does your dad have any problem(s) with Japanese beetles? How does he get rid of them? Any organic remedy instead of insecticide?

    The Roma tomatoes and eggplant look good. I remember in Laos, using an eggplant flower as bate to catch bull-frog on water-lily pads out on the pond. Kids there and here do have different activities to keep them occupied.

  3. Hi naturehills, thanks for the visit. Lao people eat crabapple as is, and we dip it into hot sauce, and sort of eat as snack, I think kind of strange to foreigners, we like to eat sour fruits like this, such as green mango. My dad always grows too much hot pepper, but the tomatoes get gone very fast.

    PaNoy, I don’t think he has any problem with the Japanese beetles, it’s territorial, and most came out from the ground of your yard, so grub worm control will help tremendously, at least minimize the beetles in your yard, because they come from other people’s yards as well. I used to raise roses, but I can’t stand the Japanese beetles, so by June, I would chop my rose bushes, and by the end of August, the limbs would come out again with beautiful roses.

    One of my coworkers said that using chewing tobacco also works, but since I don’t chew tobacco, that’s not helping either and I can’t imagine being out there spitting on my rose bushes, flowers, or plants. They said that using dawn dish detergent diluted with water also helps, but if it’s real sunny, this will also burn the plants. The pictures that you’re seeing are cherry tomatoes, but it’s not doing well this year.

  4. Thanks Ginger for more lovely garden update. Will your sister ever get so lucky as to eat these fresh veggies? I hope so 🙂

    I love tomatoes, all different shapes and size. These days everyone loves the “heirloom” variety. Have you seen them? They look odd but taste good. Your dad’s cherry tomatoes do look like little Roma tomatoes.

  5. Salat, my sisters are here this week, and they absolutely love my dad’s garden, but of course, photos look better than the real thing 😉 . I have not seen the “heirloom” variety, I need to check it out, and I also love tomatoes. I took updated pictures, and will post some tonight when I have more time. 🙂

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