The Promised of a Different Dimension Part II

Continued from The Promised of a Different Dimension Part I

This is based on a real life story in Koosang Koosom Magazine, by Joe Vatcharapon, written in Thai Language, translated by Ginger.

But I thought it was rather strange, we had been there for about a year and there was no problem, and why all of a sudden this happened, why now?

 Mosquito Net & Morning Light by Andy Hares
Mosquito Net & Morning Light by Andy Hares

Then something very strange happened to me one night. Normally I’m a night owl, and that night I went by myself to do laundry, even though it was a bit eerie because everyone else was asleep but I was not afraid. I finally finished with my laundry, and then took a shower about midnight. I put up the mosquito net and there was a light fixture above my bed, and it was on at the time. As I mentioned earlier, my bed was a twin bed, and it was about 1.5 foot high from the floor, there was nothing stored underneath my bed, the foot of the bed was facing north, against the wall that has a light switch. The mosquito net has a rough texture, after putting it up; I tucked the loose ends underneath the mattress, turn off the lights, and went to sleep.

As I was about to fall asleep, I felt something very strange, it was soft and cold and was touching the tip of my right toes. At first, I thought it’s because it was cold, but I could feel something pushing against my foot, it was subtle, but the pressure was stronger by the minute, and it became obvious to me because I was not asleep. It startled me, and must be my reflex that I pulled my foot back, and after I realized something was wrong, I used my foot to flip the light switch at the wall. After the light was on, everything was still, and appeared normal, nothing happened, no flies, no rat, the mosquito net was tightly tucked and no obvious sigh that anything could have passed through.

Then the cold thing that I felt…what was it?

I still remembered that feeling until this day, it is almost as if you were to fill the balloon with cold water, then tapped on it with your toes, it was cold and soft.

After that incident, it must have been the third night that I dreamed…

In my dream, I slept on my bed in that big room, and it appeared that I was not dreaming because everything seems so real. I dreamed that there was a young lady with dark complexion, she might have been 18-19 years of age, she has long hair and wore it down, she was rather thin and tall, wore a pair of black pants and short sleeve t-shirt and was sitting with a boy that was about 3-4 years old. They were sitting next to my bed, doing something that I’m not quiet sure of, (and that spot where they sat, in comparison to the upstairs’ storage room, its right at the bed.) I went over to see what they were doing and saw that they were helping each other fixing a wire of a light fixture, and since I’m an electrician, I volunteered to help.

In my dream, she started talking to me. She said that she knew one of my friends that I went to Technical School in Suphanburi with, (but that friend was in a motorcycle accident, he was drunk and droved head on into another vehicle at the red light intersection in Suphanburi, and was instantly killed with a broken neck, but that was a long time ago) and she asked if I want to go visit him, she can take me there. In my dream, I didn’t think anything of it, so I agreed that I would go with her. She said that on the 21st, she would come to pick me up!!!

The next morning, I told one of my co-workers, brother Gomakk about my dream. He was involved with a Taiwanese girl at the time, so he relayed my dream to her. She then took us to pay homage to Jao Mae Guan Im (also known as Guanyin by the Chinese, she is also known as the Chinese Bodhisattva of Compassion) on the 11th.

This was not done at the Buddhist Temple (Wat) or Buddhist Shrine, and we didn’t have to light the incense stick, but it was some sort of ceremony. She took us to an upstairs of the building that appeared to be a house, and there were about 20 Taiwanese, males and females that were performing some sort of ceremony, but what I remembered was at one point, we had to kneel on the floor, ‘Panom’ (form upside down Y) our hands, and do as told. We sat in 4 rows; there were approximately 4-5 people per row. There was a fruit tray, a flowerpot, and a stick placed in the center of the pot, and I’m not sure what it was for. The chanting was in Chinese, which I was told to chant after them, there was one verse that I recalled, “EE Gir Sor…Liang Gir Sor” something along that line.

liao dynasty-guan yin statue

The statue of Jao Mae Guan Im was quiet big, but one strange thing happened to me, whilst I was kneeling, my heart was racing, and my body started to shake noticeably and it appeared that it just happen and there was no rhyme or reason, and beyond my control. After the ceremony, they gave each of us a fruit from the tray to eat.

To be continued:  The Promised of a Different Dimension Part III