The Promised of a Different Dimension Part I

This is based on a real life story in Koosang Koosom Magazine, by Joe Vatcharapon, written in Thai Language, translated by Ginger.

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It was September 11, 2537 (1994), I had to travel to work in Taiwan along with 31 other Thai workers, which the majority came from the Issan and northern region of Thailand, and I’m the only one from the central region (Suphanburi); I was only 20 years old, plus 19 days at the time.

The company (Jingfeng) that I worked for manufactured battery operated drill, and we were the first group of Thai workers that went to work there. The company was recently sold to a new owner; therefore, we stayed at the old factory that was vacant at the time. It looked very much like a huge room that can easily accommodate approximately 50-60 people, it was surrounded by a cement gate, the front door was facing east, and there was a security guard there at all times.

We slept on twin size beds in rows, the head of the beds pushing against one another, making 2 rows of beds, facing the northern wall and leaving the middle section of the room for a walkway, the south side of the room was a row of windows that we could see outside.

We could see the short brick walls; the tall grass and climbing shrubs that made the place look somewhat eerie. In the western direction, beyond the door on the left hand side was row of 7-8 new bathrooms, and on the right hand side was a laundry room, and an old bathroom that has broken windows that were covered with climbing shrubs that you could barely see the inside. There was a staircase that lead to an upstairs, and there was one room, which appeared to be a storage room, and on the east side of the room were old plastic boxes, with plywoods sitting on top, and appeared very much like beds with blankets and pillows piling on top. But who would dare sleep in this old room??

I’m not sure if it was just my bad luck or coincidence, but I get to sleep on the last bed in that huge room. It stood by itself, and there wasn’t another bed to push against it because it was bed #31, and also sat right across from this haunted looking upstairs’ storage room.

After being there for a while, this is a well known fact that Thai people love to drink, and of course getting drunk, this we have to accept, and might be because of many circumstances such as stress, home sick, being far away from love ones, then there is the language barrier, and food that we are not used to eating, this can really stress some of us, and some that were in their 40s would act like a 4 years old when drunk, crying, wanting to go back home, and some would gamble the night away, I guess to alleviate stress.

At that time, I was also under a lot of stress and was homesick. I couldn’t sleep, toss, and turn, and annoyed by those drunkard, and gamblers that were making too much noise, so I often escape to that storage room upstairs.

I noticed something very odd, when I was in that huge room downstairs, I felt uncomfortable, hot and couldn’t fall asleep, and I’m not sure as to why, but once I moved upstairs, it was nice and cool and I fell asleep right away and I never once afraid of anything until…

During that time, I believed it was ‘the seventh month’ for the Taiwanese, (so it was around June or July for Thai people), strange things started to happen, and I was still sleeping both upstairs and the huge room, sometimes alternating nights. Many of my friends started to complain that when they were asleep on the beds, they felt as if someone was shaking the bed!!!

At first, I thought nothing of it, but when more people started to complain, then I started paying closer attention and noticed something very strange, and it only happened when I sleep in the huge room.

As for me, it was not so much of the shaking of the bed, but I could feel the energy pushing from beneath, and waves of energy clashing into my back whilst I was sleeping on the bed. This created an uncomfortable feeling, almost strange movement around my back, and if you don’t pay close attention, then you would think that someone is shaking the bed, but it was actually our back that appears to be moving on its own, and not just at night time, but also during the day time whilst I was laying down to take a catnap.

At the time, I didn’t think it was ghost.

To be continued: The Promised of a Different Dimension Part II

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