A Perfect Little Spot

 Gazebo, fish pond by SpecFin

Gazebo, fish pond by SpecFin

I used to think that if I have a gazebo next to my fishpond, then this little spot of mine would be perfect. I often imagine myself being out there, reading books on the weekend, or in the evening watching my fish swimming, and hearing the sounds of the water flowing, birds chirping is very relaxing.

Of course, in reality, it’s not as easy, gazebo cost quiet a bit, even if I do it myself, I’m looking close to $1,000. As I was out there this morning cleaning the bridge, there were lots of bird poops, and the white stains stood out against the red bridge and brown wooden floor. I don’t mind doing this because it’s nice and sunny outside, and the cool breeze is refreshing, then all of a sudden it hits me, I see something that I’ve never seen before. The bridge itself is better than any gazebo, it is above the water, great view of the fish, the woods, and plenty of room for me to sit and relax, and I’m wondering why I’ve never seen this before.

I guess I’m like most people, often wanting more things than I really need. I have the bridge that serves its function, but it definitely can serve more purposes, it’s just a matter of viewing it from a different angle.

As of today, I do have to say that I no longer need that gazebo, I’m happy with my bridge; thinking back to the day when I told my dad that I needed his help in building a bridge, I showed him the picture that I drew, I colored it with a red magic marker, and within a minute, he said, “yes, we can do this,” and in less than 2 weeks, we finished building the bridge, and amazingly, it looks just like the picture.


  1. Wow! That bridge really stands out against the lush-greenery. Have you paint it again since it was first built? It’s really beautiful & vibrant.

    I want a bridge to go over the pond I’m planning on building in the fall.

    Thanks for the picture of the gazebo by the pond. That’s really lovely, and to have a gazebo near it like that would be heavenly. But my plan for the gazebo is about 30-40 feet away from the pond. Maybe a little stream cascading down toward the gazebo perhaps, somehow? Your post(s) have given me plenty of ideas. Thanks Nye.

  2. Hi PaNoy, thanks, it’s the original paint, Chinese red, gloss finish outdoor paint. Your plan for you fishpond/stream/gazebo seems like a little get away, lots of work but the rewards will be tenfold.

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