Small Garden in Early June

This post is for my oldest sister. It has been almost a year since Teddy passed away, and we decided to get a new puppy. He is a Weim or Gray Ghost, short for Weimaraner. He is extremely cute, but lots of work and training to look forward to.


Since my GI Joe sister is in town, she decided to have a cookout at her house. We had shrimps, chicken, and ribs. She makes the best Tum Buk Houng, so we always get to eat hers when she is around.

Dad’s garden is growing rapidly since my last post of Small Garden in Late May.

Dad left the grass there on purpose so that the cucumber would not touch the dirt.


  1. Hi Kelly, thanks, this is my dad’s garden, mine looks kinda sad really, but my dad gave me some plant food and it’s looking a bit better, I might post mine next week. I think plant food and water morning and night is the key, and he is retired so he has plenty of time to baby his plants. Thanks for the visit, your site is very interesting.

  2. Hi br3nda70, thanks for the visit, that’s my sister’s som tum, good thing about picture is that it always looks yummy. 🙂

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