Tai Far See Kram (Underneath The Blue Sky)

This is an interesting Thai book about a Hmong man sharing his life with a Thai woman, Tai Far See Kram (Underneath The Blue Sky), summary posted here.

Tai Far See Kram

Tai Far See Kram

Wherever you are, when you look up, you see the same sky. The same everywhere, the soft blue hue with white fluffy clouds floating up above us.


  1. You know what, I love that movie! It’s one of my favorite movies! I’ve seen that movie such a long time ago and still i still enjoy it! ahaha, it was funny how they said that Hmong people don’t like to bathe. (I was thinking to myself, ofcourse we like to take baths!!) But i do agree, it’s such a great story!

    my parents said the same thing about farming as what you had written. It is a way to connect to their past in this strange new place.

  2. I don’t think I’ve seen the movie. Most of the Thai Lakorns are from Thai novels that I read, but minus all the drama of the Lakorn, and I guess that’s why I like to read more than watching.

  3. I stumble upon your journal searching for Hmong. You have a very interesting journal. I love the movie, Tai Far See Kram, that you mentioned. I never knew it was book before, so thanks for the interesting fact. Here’s a link to the Hmong dubbed version of the movie:

    This the beginning where he goes to university and tells people that he’s Hmong–

  4. Hi PY, thanks for the visit. I recalled the movie now, I read about it in a Thai magazine when I was little, and I got the book years later. Most Thai movies/lakorns are from books/novels, but I like to read more because sometimes I find that the movies/lakorns don’t live up to the book, and it also takes away the imagination that you can create for the characters, in the movies/lakorns, the producer feeds everything to you (including the addiction to the lakorns.) Tai Far See Kram is a good book, with good storyline.

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