Small Garden in Late May

This post is for my oldest sister. Things are a lot bigger since the last time I posted photos of Dad’s Small Garden, and second sister’s fish pond is doing really well, her water lilies look healthy, and the leaves are big, unlike mine that barely made it to the top, I’m thinking that it’s because my pond is a lot deeper than hers.

This is her fishpond.

This is mine.

Dad’s garden,

There is not a lot going on in my garden, there’s more vegetables, but I’m too embarrassed to show off.

My younger sister’s garden, not all the vegetables are hers. I spotted a bird’s nest, the mother is nesting at the moment.


  1. Hi Ginger, I know this garden post is for your older sister. But lucky me I get to see them too! Your dad & sister definitely have green thumbs. And I think you do too and just don’t realize it yet 🙂 Your pond is not bad looking, at least you have a few lilies in bloom.

    Btw, have you seen this Vietnamese movie title, “Three Seasons”? It came out in 1999 and directed by Tony Bui. It’s one of my favorite foreign films from Asia. There is a really beautiful scene where the ladies go in their boat and gather fresh water lilies from the temple. They then try to sell them in the city streets. You should watch it when you get the chance.

  2. Hi Salat, thanks, I wrote for my oldest sister because I didn’t want to bore my other readers, but it’s really for everyone. Unlike American garden, Lao garden is not as curb appeal but as long as it bears fruits and vegetables, we’re happy. I drove passed American gardens and they have neat rows and rows of tomatoes, cabbages, corns, and other vegetables and I often wonder why Lao gardens are not like that, we sort of plant the vegetables here and there, no rhyme or reason.

    Thanks for telling me about the movie, made me think of my GI Joe sister’s post at Wat Lao Buddhavong here.

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