Small Garden

This post is for my oldest sister. In case you’re wondering, this is what they’ve been doing…busy in the garden, but first let me show you my second sister’s water lilies, she called me last night to tell me if I get there by noontime, they should be in full bloom.

Updated photos on 5/18/2008: The weather is nice and his vegetables seem a bit bigger today, so I decided to update new photos instead of writing a new post, here is Dad’s garden. The water lily below is from my pond, it blooms today.

String beans String beans

banana trees banana trees

sugar cane lemon glass


Thai eggplants pepper

mint parsley

cucumber tomatos


  1. Very nice pond…gold fish or koi? Hope mine will be started this fall.

    I see those long bean will be ready in a month for some good eating:))
    Did he cover those banana tree with mulch for the winter? I took mine inside.
    I see cucumber, eggplant, tomatoes, lemon grass…is that sugar canes surrounded by cilantro/corianders? Your dad has been very busy…it is definitely very, very rewarding. Very lovely. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hi PaNoy, It’s mostly Koi fish, but she has some that are gold fish I believed (the orange ones, she paid $0.26 for each and they were very small when she first got them, but they’ve gotten a lot bigger now) she has too many fishes for her small size pond, she is thinking about making it bigger but I don’t think she has space for it unless she moves it to the backyard. This is what her fishes look like now, a closer up pictures.

    As for the banana tree, he took the big ones in the garage during the winter months, and left the remaining outside and covered them with grass clippings (I think mulch would work also) and I believed it’s also the raised bed (higher than the ground level) that is helping during the cold winter months but since our area is not that cold, maybe that’s why it’s still a live. The last picture on the right hand side is sugar cane, he has it for almost 3 years now. My dad has been busy in his garden, and this used to be my mom’s garden, but since she passed away, he took over, this is good for him.

  3. All those herbs and plants are the same seen in my mom’s garden too! From lemongrass to mints. Your dad did a great job with the garden. It does seem good for him to take over your mom’s garden, a great show of appreciation and love indeed.

    When my dad was still around, he loved to plant morning glories. And after the summer my dad passed away, the blooming morning glories was one of my favorite things left behind from him. And now when I see climbing morning glory anywhere, I think of him and just smile to myself. 🙂

  4. Salat, I’m posting this for my sisters in NYC, and I’m thinking about posting a new update every week since I visit my dad every weekend. I think the garden made them think of my mom and when she was alive, my dad used to help her in the garden. I’m glad that he is still growing everything she planted, this is also a way for him to stay busy, just little something that we do to remind us of our passed loved one. Now I know what is in your mom’s garden. 😉

  5. I wanted to start a water garden, but it seems so expensive to do so! My brother also wanted to start a koi fish pound as well, so i’ll do miens once he does his (i’ll just add mines to his!)

    Your dad’s garden looks just like my parent’s garden except for the banana tree ofcourse!!!

  6. ascandaloussin, when I did mine last year, it was not too bad, the expensive things are the rocks and pump, the rocks you can substitute for something else, but everything is so expensive nowadays. I did the digging myself with the help of my sister, I posted at Laovoices-my new lily fishpond, so that saved me lots of money. You can start small and add more later on, I think you’d like it.

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