In Memory of My Mom

Several weeks back, I had a visitor at work; I was the first to have spotted the Luna Moth near the entrance of my work place, Luna Moth from Latin meaning moon, a large mostly pale green American saturniid moth with long tails on the hind wings. It’s rare and I was fortunate enough to have seen one. One of my friends told me that it’s believed that your passed loved one has come to visit you, I often wonder how true this is.

Mother’s Day is around the corner, for some of us, they are no longer with us physically but will always be with us spiritually. It is very difficult for our family during this time of the year; this is the second Mother’s Day without our mom. We often buy plants or flowers for our mom during Mother’s Day, some of my sisters are still doing this. My younger sister bought a Chinese pear tree for her this year, I bought one before her passing, she wanted to plant one so that her grandchildren can enjoy the fruits, my younger sister was afraid that it might not bear fruits because this type of fruit tree needs two to cross pollinate, my dad planted the tree last weekend.

My third sister’s husband that lives in NYC bought roses for my mom last weekend for Mother’s day, my mom loved roses. My sister placed the vase in her bedroom and came back out to the living room, to her surprise; she found a clipped rose on the floor. This puzzled her because she arranged those roses herself; she went back to check on the roses and sure enough, one was clipped off from the vase. She asked her husband and he didn’t do it, and her little girl that is a year old was asleep at the time. We all believed that it was my mom trying to communicate to my sister, to tell her that she received her flower, thank you for her Mother’s Day gift.

My second sister that lives with my dad also dreamed of my mom. My mom’s banana trees were kept in the garage during the winter months until recently, my dad planted them outside. My sister dreamed that my mom told her to go and cut off the banana’s leave that was dangling from the banana tree and use it to make ‘mok padek’ for her to eat, that she has a craving for it. When my sister woke up, she went to look at the banana trees, sure enough, one leave was dangling from one of the trees, my sister was baffled and thought to herself, how did my mom know? I believed that when you dream of your passed loved one, that they came to visit you.

As for me, I occasionally dreamed of my mom, but not often enough. I visit my dad and sister every weekend, often spend either Saturday or Sunday with them, one thing that puzzled us is the interference on their TV, it would make that loud noise, normally during the first 15 minutes that we were there, my dad has cable and this doesn’t happen except during the time that we came over. I often feel that my mom is trying to communicate with us, sort of say “Hi, I see you visit today.”

As a Mother’s Day gift, I think I’ll buy her white roses (her favorite) to take to Wat (Buddhist Temple,) she is too far for us to visit, but we’ll visit her soon enough. Happy Mother’s Day mom.

For those fortunate ones, please give your mom a hug for me, and don’t forget Mother’s Day, you don’t know how lucky you are.

In the next day or so, I will be translating another ghost story from Koosang Koosom Magazine; it is called “As For Mother’s Love, This Holds True Even in Spirit

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  1. Enjoyed reading about all the strange things happening around the house. Science can’t explain that for sure. But your instinct will tell you otherwise.

    Btw, I love this pretty luna moth. I’ve never seen anything like it ever. Lucky you!

  2. That’s a very strange looking moth. Usually, a brown moth is considered auspicious – as it is related to a special visitor, or something bad has happened, a disaster or a storm/rain is coming. I believe that.

    Then you turned into a Leis, your avatar I mean.

  3. Salat, I think a lot of strange things have happened around us all the times but we are too busy to take notice. I often think that we live side by side, crossing path with the spirits all the time but most of us don’t have the six senses to see, or take notice. The luna moth is pretty, first time I saw it also, I thought it was a large butterfly at first, and had to look it up on the Internet, they are very rare.

    K, I thought auspicious means lucky, but it doesn’t sound like it here, but bad things happened all the times, which I learned to accept. I like to think that the green one is lucky, it’s a good thing that I didn’t turn into a frog, and the flower (Leis) is called Dork Champa, our country national flower. All of a sudden, I feel that the red flower is too loud for me; I originally chose that 2 years ago because it looks like a daisy, something simple and plain that one can find anywhere, I guess I just want change.

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