Sacrificing Quality For Cheap Eats

Having so little (almost none) access to the Internet at work has made our local newspapers seem more appealing than ever, it appears that we’re moving backward, which doesn’t seem right to me. There is an article about food consumption that really surprised me, and made me raise my eyebrow a bit.

What jumps out is that Americans spend a smaller percentage of our incomes on food than do people in any other country. I know, just by looking you’d never have guessed in a million years because we love to eat, people at work seems to think I’m ‘Mikey’ and I’ll eat anything, not true btw, I’m the skinniest one there, I just don’t like to see food goes to waste.

According to the USDA, in 2006, an average of 7.2 percent of our incomes went to food (I guess the majority of our incomes go to Uncle Sam.) In Poland, it was 22 percent. In Egypt and Vietnam, it was more than 40 percent.

It’s a bit confusing to me, what the author concludes is that “Americans like cheap food.”

In 1995, a USDA study broke it down by industrialized countries. At that point, Americans spent 9.3 percent of our disposable income on food, vs. 11.5 percent in England, and 16.5 percent in France. Sure, we’re a relatively wealthy nation, which means that a percentage of our income will represent more money than the same percentage in another country. But people in England and France aren’t exactly paupers. So why do they spend more?

LUCKY Supermarket by Tortuga One

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I’m not sure how it is elsewhere, but according to this, it is because we have the supermarket system that started in 1929 and has made food very available and very affordable (I know there’re supermarkets in other countries as well.) Therefore, it’s not as if we’re eating less food than other nations but as food becomes cheaper as a percent of our income, then it is something we’re going to enjoy eating more. I do somewhat agree with this, and sometimes you can find a good sale of buy one get one free, and there used to be a sale of buy one get two free but that supermarket chain went out of business for obvious reason.

This explains why our national weight started climbing; eating cheap in this case doesn’t mean eating less or healthy, when I see people eating at a buffet, all you can eat, made me think that they’re killing themselves a slow death. I guess I should not be complaining about the price of food here, apparently we’re paying less than most people.