Baby Robins

I’m glad that I decided to keep the robin’s nest, today I saw 3 baby robins sticking its heads out, mouths wide open waiting for food, the mother near by with worm in her mouth. The robin only nest twice a year, I would say this nest is safe from the crows because it’s facing my front window, and from the neighbor’s cat because it’s high enough.

[photos of baby robins one week later: Spreading Their Wings]

I could have climbed up and get a better shot of this but I didn’t want to scare the mother and the babies. As a matter of fact, these photos were taken from the inside of my house. Of course, this is a nice way of putting it, but I really have no way of getting up there, and climbing up the pillar is out of the question for me because I’m not such a good climber. At a time like this, I wish I have a zoom lens, since I don’t have one, there are many photos of baby robins at Flickr.

Above photo, Waiting for Number Three, photo by momofthreewi, these baby robins appeared to be snuggling with their third sibling while waiting for him to emerge from the egg.

The above and below photos are by S Pipczynski.

So robin nesting on a house can be a good thing, here I get to see the miracle of wild life. I think I might leave her nest there until the fall; she might use it again for her second nesting of this year.

Robin, photo by Shorter.chip


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