A Day At The Zoo

I think a zoo is a great place to spend your day, when I was little, my mom used to take us to Prospect Park Zoo in Brooklyn, NY, and of course a city zoo is very crowded, and there is not a lot of space for the animals to roam around. Often times it was a brief visit because the aroma is unbearable, but we always looking forward to our next stop, which was the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, it is within a walking distance from the zoo, and also within walking distance from our old apartment building.

The advantages of living in a country is the fresh air and open spaces that the city is lacking. I’m fortunate enough to have a nice zoo in my state, North Carolina Zoo, but unfortunate that it’s a bit far from my house, it takes me almost 2 hours but I think it’s worth it. My mom had visited this zoo twice, and she really liked it. My dad has never visited but decided to join us this time, partly because he has never seen it before, but I think mainly because it was a place that my mom had visited, and I believed that he must have missed her as much as we do.

One thing that I love about this zoo is the walking trail, there are 5 miles of paths and the views are breathtaking.

It was a nice day, so the animals are very lazy, talking about not having a lot to do. Whist I was walking around, I’m thinking about my oldest sister that has to work so hard on preparing tax returns for her clients, as today is April 15th, but by the time she has a chance to read this post, all the mad rush is over. This polar bear was taking a nap, nice pillow by the way.

In the Prairie, I believed the above photo are the elks, and below are the bisons.

One of my favorite animals is the elephant, I could smell their dunks a mile away. If only I had a zoom lens, I would be able to capture more close-up photos, not of their dunks, but of the elephants. These are African elephants, you can tell by their huge ears as the Asian elephant’s ears are a lot smaller.

The ostriches are in the same location as the giraffes, I guess they do get along. One thing that I noticed that they have in common is their long necks.

I’m not sure what kind of bird this is.

What I like most about this zoo is that they constructed the exhibits to resemble natural habitats so the animals feel right at home, and walking is the best way to see the animals, and a great exercise by the way.


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