Beautiful Lake View

Living by the lake has many advantages, for one thing, you have a million dollar Lake view from your window, and literally, that’s how much you have to pay to live in a lake access house depending on where you are, if not more. For most of us, it’s a luxury that we couldn’t afford, and it’s something that we can forgo, for some it’s a struggle striving to live a life of luxury, and for others, they simply belong there.

As for me, I was fortunate enough to set foot in one, and I do have to admit that it’s nice, but definitely not for me, it is a luxury that I can’t afford and can forgo. As I was driving around, I noticed that there are many houses in the area for sale, either by owner or by Realtor, made me think that many of these homeowners simply bought a house that they couldn’t afford, of course luxury does come with a higher price.

As for our area, we are still on water restrictions but the lakes are up to a normal level from what I can see, and as we travel further down south, as you can see from these photos of Lake Lanier that the water level is very low, you can see the packed red clay on the shore, obviously showing sign of a drought that is hitting hard in the Southeastern part of the United States. It was cloudy on Saturday morning, but the view is still beautiful and it rained later on that afternoon.


  1. Looks like the mortgage crises is also spreading to luxury homeowners. I like a house with a lake view because their won’t be anyone else building more homes in front of our view. 😉

  2. Sim, I think the housing crisis is equally as bad for Luxury home owners because the majority of them are business owner and most business are not doing well at all. As for the housing crisis, I feel that the problem might go back to the Bankruptcy law that Congress passed in 2005 where it was designed that people can’t abuse the credit card and made it more difficult for people to write off their credit card debts, so people take another route by borrowing against their home such as a second mortgage or home equity line, or even a regular mortgage, and when they can’t make payment, bank just foreclose on them, but I don’t think they make them pay for the remaining debts owed, so it’s making it easier to default on home loan than a credit card debts. Sort of a loophole in the law I think, unless the bank that forecloses is making the homeowner pay for the difference, which I doubt it. I’m expecting a new law to cover the housing crisis as well, if it’s not already in the work, most laws come about because of crisis of some sort.

    I also like lake view or ocean front, every time I go on vacation at the beach, I always pay a bit more just to get ocean front. Maybe when you hit the lottery you will get one, as for me I don’t buy lottery, out of luck here.

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