Ghost Rider Dune Buggie

This is such a cool ride; I finally caught up with Hawk, an engineer who designed and built this Ghost Rider Dune Buggie. It’s street legal, which has a title and tag, and Hawk said that ‘people wave at him wherever they see him in his dune buggie, they are friendly like that,’ and his wife called it ‘The Redneck Mobile.’ I’m glad that I’m not the only one that thinks this is a cool ride; someone once pulled him over and asked if he wants to start a dune buggie club.

This has a 1600 cc Volkswagen engine with a 5 speed, and its top speed of 85 mph. His wife told me that he got a speeding ticket once, might be the time that he was testing for speed by going downhill, yep still got it, but I guess the cop didn’t see it his way. The video shows a 1600 cc Volkswagen engine, similar to the one used on this dune buggie.

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