Fashion Spring/Summer 2008 Thailand – ‘Meet/Meat’ Senior Project Exhibition

Young Designers ‘Meet/Meat’ Senior Project Exhibition@ Central World, Central Court, March 17, 2008, 18.00

Fashion shows presented by senior students of Chulalongkorn University, majoring in Fine and Applied Arts, which the Creative Arts Department has presented Young Designers ‘Meet/Meat’ Senior Project Exhibition, a final project before graduation, the designs were in the form of creative graphic exhibition fashion and textile crafts, a total of 8 students.


1.- นายพันเลิศ ศรีพรหม (เอ็ด) Mr. Punlerd Seepome presented a collection called No Boundaries. He has created a seamless design, and seamless is a fashion event featuring innovative and experimental works in computational apparel design, interactive clothing, and technology-based fashion; each project [re]interprets the conceptual goal of a seamless relationship between technology and fashion; these are real clothes that inspire and provoke.

meet1081.jpg meet10811.jpg

meet1082.jpg meet1083.jpg

2.-นางสาวณีรนุช วงศ์วาสิน (นุช) Miss Neeranuit Vongvasin presented a collection called Similar Asimilar. She has created clothing that can be worn in many ways, and her inspiration came from a Japanese home décor.



3.-นางสาวศุจินทรา โสตถิวันวงศ์ (กิ๊ฟ) Miss Sugintra Soudtivanvong presented a collection called The Misleaded. She presented her collection in the form of optical illusion in which her clothing is designed to hide our body imperfection, therefore misleading our perception of that person.



4.- นางสาวอนันต์ภา ตั้งสินทวีวัฒน์ (หลิน) Miss Arnanpa Tungsintawewath presented a collection called Smart Country Look With Hippy Style. Fashion trends for this Spring/Summer 2008 is retro 60s-70s fashion of vintage clothing, and combined with the serenity of life that nature has to offer during that era.



5.- นางสาวพัชรศุภางค์ ชูโต (อิ่ม) Miss Patcharutpang Chuto presented a collection called Self Montage. She presented a technique of cut and combine to create an image, and to improve the Ready to Wear retail clothing.



6.- นางสาวณัฏฐา สมกุศล (กุ๊ก) Miss Nutha Sumgune presented a collection called Fold Up. She was inspired by Geomatrix, folding of objects that create an interesting look of paper such as flat surface, crease, and crumble.



7.- นางสาวเวธนี สุนทรธำรง (เว) Miss Vatani Sunethornrumthong presented a collection called Warp to Detail. She was inspired by Thai traditional clothing, but stressed more to the renaissance period.


8.- นางสาวพรปิยา ติยะวนิช (มาย) Miss Ponepiya Tiyavanit presented a collection called Field Trip. A Ready to Wear clothing collection that stressed the life style, and artistic creativity of shaker style.



Please see a full collection here.

A special thanks to Mr. Nattawat (Jade) Chearananta, and the ThaiCatwalk photographers at, for allowing me to use their photos and write-up of the event in Thai Language, translated by Ginger.

2 thoughts on “Fashion Spring/Summer 2008 Thailand – ‘Meet/Meat’ Senior Project Exhibition”

  1. For a second I thought it was that time of year for Elle’s Fashion Week in Thailand. But these student collections are nice, my favorite is by Miss Neeranuit Vongvasin with Similar Asimilar. Great concept about wearing your outfits many different ways. This way your outfit (and money) goes a long way 🙂

  2. Hi Salat, ELLE Fashion Week 2008 is March 21-23, 2008. I got ahead of myself here because of so much traffic on Fashion lately, I thought I was behind. 🙂 I’ll start posting the ELLE Fashion Week as soon as Jade gets his photos.

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