Spring is Here



I think spring is here, as for me it’s obvious, a mother bird, a robin I think, built her nest on top of the pillar in my front porch. I’m not sure what to do at the moment, some people told me to leave it alone, and that it’s a Feng-shui house, which I’m not so sure about that, might be lots of bird poop in the near future. I guess if it’s a Red Cardinal, then it might be a different story because red is considered Feng-shui, as in red front door, which mine is black, but black front door is equally as good as a red front door, it has its place in Feng-shui. I’ll just have to wait and see the latest member(s) of my family.



Flower is another sign, I’m not sure what this one is called, but it’s a perennial flower that comes up every year around this time.


Trees are still very much wintry looking as you can see the view from my backyard; except for the Bradford pear trees, which are on every street in this area [Edited photos 3/22/08: I took some pictures today of the Bradford pear trees, most of these I’d see almost everyday (except for the close up photo, which I borrowed from flickr.)] I love spring, but I just don’t like the seasonal allergy that comes with it.






The Bradford pear trees with the top cut off are my dad, I couldn’t believe he did that, but he said that he didn’t want them to get too big.

More flowers,



My fish are alive and well, they survive the winter months, I’m just waiting for my water lily to bloom again.




The water is a bit dirty, I need to clean that as well, lots to do during the spring time, especially spring cleaning both inside and outside.

My second sister’s fish are a lot bigger now, and her water is very clear.








  1. Hi Nye,
    Your home is surrounded by lovely nature, must be so relaxing to live there. I have never heard of a Bradford Pear tree, until now. But we do have many flowering trees in our area too. My favorite around here is the tulip tree.

    I’m definitely starting to appreciate nature more these days. City traffic and smog is really not good for me. Well, glad to see your lily pond and little fishes are healthy. So happy spring to you & happy Easter hunting time too!

  2. Salat, I do like living here, it’s nice, and my backyard is very peaceful. It’s a big change for me from living in NYC for so long, and then moving to a small town with not a lot to do. I do miss living in the city.

    We also have the tulip tree here; it’s beautiful and reminded me of Dork Champa in Laos. I’ve never seen or heard of the Bradford pear tree until I moved here and I believed it’s called ‘pear’ because it shapes like a pear. It might be a regional thing because the branches are not that strong and they’d break easily if there were any ice or snow. I went to visit my dad today and took some photos of the Bradford pear trees that I saw on the way.

  3. Now that I see more pictures, I think we have them in our area too. They also grow them along the foot of the highways. They are pretty, especially in autumn when the leaves turn bright red. I just never knew the name of it until now. 🙂

  4. Beautiful pictures. If you want to get rid of the bird nest, and keep the bird from re-nesting in that area, there are commercial products that will not harm the birds or the environment, but gently shoo them away. The mother will probably just re-nest in a tree near your home, which I’m sure would be much more desirable to you. Visual deterrents, or sticky gel are some good options. Contact Bird-X (Besides if you leave the bird nest you’re sure to end up with tons of bird droppings on your porch and that will expose you to over 60 potentially fatal diseases birds carry)

  5. Salat, the leaves do turn reddish in the fall, it’s beautiful, but once it gets too big, it’s top-heavy and the branches break easily, especially during ice or snow.

    Hi Kathleen, thanks for the visit and information, I will check into it. I think her nest is completed and one of my friends said that she moved a nest last year and the mother bird didn’t seem to mind and just went to the new location, this seems like a good idea also.

  6. Beautiful pictures in the article. I would leave any nest alone. They’re generally harmless. The fact that wildlife wants to cohabit with you and your family is a positive sign. I’ve got a potentially tragic problem at my home that occurs in late spring. My tiny back porch is enclosed within walls containing large glass panels. Young birds, mainly Carolina Wrens I think, tend to fly into the panels, not noticing the glass. This has happened on bright sunny mornings when the landscape surrounding the porch is illuminated, making the glass virtually invisible. Sometimes, the unlucky birds are merely stunned. Other times … well, it’s not good news. I enjoy seeing the nests around my house, as does my dog. I’ve just got to find a way to warn the poor creatures and encourage them to take a detour around the porch windows — a diverting of their flight plan, in essence.

  7. Hi Seiji, it’s nice to have an area in your home that would be able to see outdoor, my dad used to have the same problem with his sunroom, but he sold his house 4 yrs ago, and not because of so many birds committed suicide there, but other issue (long sad story.)

    With that said, I’m not telling you to sell your house. The last time I was in a ‘Bird Unlimited’ store to buy a bird feeder, I noticed that they sell all kinds of stuff for bird, you might be able to go into a store like that and get advice from them. They were trying to get me to buy a bird feeder that has a guard to prevent the squirrel from eating the bird seeds, apparently they hate squirrels, to me bird or squirrel eating the seeds is no big deal. Anyway, I’ve decided to keep the bird nest, the mother bird seems to like me. 🙂

  8. with the look of your backyard, your dad’s garden and the pear tree’s i would think you’re from georgia!

    Those Bradford pear trees are everywhere here in georgia!

  9. Hi ascandaloussin, I’m not from GA, but a bit further North, I recently visited GA and its real nice there. The Bradford Pear trees are everywhere here also, they’re pretty, but they break too easily.

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