Pure Glam by Olivia Diamond & Zenithorial

Olivia Diamond & Zenithorial @ Gaysorn Plaza, March 11, 2008, 18.30

Pure Glam Exclusive Fashion Show, first time presented by Olivia Diamond with a Signature Collection of the latest classic look from Zenithorial.

Gaysorn Plaza, Olivia Diamond, and Zenithorial presented Pure Glam Fashion Show, the latest exclusive Accessories Collection for the fist time presented by Olivia Diamond, designed by Ornvanh Ingsith (อรวรรณ อิงคสิทธิ์), also joined by Zenithorial, the well-known designer Adisak Rojsiriphan, and presenting their collections were 25 beautiful female celebrity models, which gave an outstanding performance on the Catwalk.

This was the first time ever for Olivia Diamond to introduce Pure Glam with their Accessories Collection on the Catwalk, as designer Ornvanh Ingsith (อรวรรณ อิงคสิทธิ์) designed this collection exclusively for Gaysorn Plaza and her collection was inspired by many different cultures that she came across during her traveling, therefore created a collection that is mixed and matched, a unique style of its own that doesn’t require a matching set. She stressed more on huge stones that stand out, and the true beauty of this is to be able to mix and match and it’s nothing like you’ve ever seen before. This gives you a sense of playfulness that dressing up can be fun, and the accessories look exceptionally well on the celebrity models.

As for the Signature Collection of Zenithorial by designer Adisak Rojsiriphan, he sums up his collection in 3 simple words, Smart, Simple, and Timeless. This collection has a classic elegant timeless look, simple but unique in his style because he is not following the current fashion trend, but definitely not old fashion, therefore it’s very popular amongst consumers of various age groups.

Brand Zenithorial was the first to come up with a Signature Collection that started in 2002 (Thai year: 2545), which at that time the fashion trends were Wintry Collections, and Baby Doll, but Zenithorial presented something different that rocked the Thai fashion world by presenting Shirt Dress that gives you the feeling of masculinity, and also included in this collection was evening wear, his signature stamp presents Thai cotton fabric, silk satin, and linen that give you the feeling of masculinity but yet elegant classic. This is suitable for modern woman with high self confident, adventurous, elegant, and classic, someone who is on the go.





Please see a full collection here.

A special thanks to Mr. Nattawat (Jade) Chearananta, and the ThaiCatwalk photographers at ThaiCatwalk.com, for allowing me to use their photos and write-up of the event in Thai Language, translated by Ginger.