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  1. Looking for Laos music instrumental , Doing video for family. I don’s speak laos so i dont want to put a love song about a girl and a guy in a family video. A family song with words would be good also. Not looking for traditional music either, more up to date music .. if any one can help please email me

    also all the music above is perfect, I just don’t know what it’s saying… If anyone of those songs is talking about family let me know which one..


    • Hi raypalomarez, I don’t have many Lao song, and these songs in this post might be a bit outdated. I’ve this song that I like, it’s called Thai Dum Lum Pun, this song was originally sang by a famous Lao singer named Ko Viseth, and is a remake by Lift and Oil, Thai singers that sang the song with a Lao dialect, and I’ve mp3 of this that I can email to you.

      It’s about how we fled our homeland, how much we missed, and most Lao people are familiar with this song. Here is a video of Thai Dum Lum Pun in youtube, let me know if you like it. Salalao used this same song in her video for her recent trip to Laos and Thailand.

      I also have mp3 for Khen Lum Khong that I thought it might work, it has some love theme, she is waiting to hear the sound of the Khen (Lao musical instrument) that he used to play, but I think it’s also about the sound of music along the Mekong river, I think it could work because it’s not too sappy, she sang with a Lao dialect. The MV in youtube is from a Thai movie, she plays a role of a Lao princess that left Laos at the age of 6.

      I don’t have mp3 for this, it’s a song about missing back home by Miss Alexandra Bounxouei ເພງ ຄິດຮອດບ້ານ, a famous Lao singer.

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