Memories of Laos

Memories of Laos video takes us to various parts of Laos… Vientiane City Tour: The famous and sacred structure of That Luang Stupa, Patuxay Monument, which is well known as Vientiane’s own Arc de Triumph. The Vientiane Central Market of Talad Sao where the Laotians and tourists shop for textiles, Lao sinh and souvenirs. The former royal temple of Wat Prakeo previously housed the famous Emerald Buddha Image. The oldest Wat Sisaket with thousands of miniature Buddha statues. Vientiane City Tour to the village area to see peaceful Mekong River and how the Laotians lead their daily lives. Visit Ban Sikhaitha and Ban Lao (Lao Traditional house), infrastructure constructed purely by wood.

Then heading out of the city to Vang Vieng, along journey, enjoy beautiful traditional villages along the road, sightseeing around Vang Vieng.

Greatest thing about the video, memories can be shared. Enjoy.

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  1. Nice images and slide show. Laos is a place with fine natural resources and friendly people. It is also a place with so much potential.

  2. Beautiful pictures. Magical memories.

    I remembered a pond in our back yard. Kids from the neighborhood congregated there like a ritual. We built forts on opposite sides of the pond and played pretend war games; while the actual one was raging up north. Other kids climbed the tree beside the pond and bravely jumped, showing off how bad they really were. Poor little tree, but such fun.

    Thanks for the tour and pictures.

  3. Hi PaNoy, thanks for the visit. It’s a nice video, but too bad the video embedding is disabled and some might not click to watch, and thanks for sharing your experiences, memories are priceless.

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