How did I miss?

I came across a joke in Koosang Koosom magazine written in Thai Language by Choum, translated by yours truly, I thought it was rather strange and funny. I didn’t know if this is an Asian thing or it’s universal.


A 93 years old lady was depressed after her husband recently passed away. One day she decided to commit suicide so she could be with her beloved husband.

She thought for a long time and decided that shooting herself was the best way to go. So she took out an old rifle that belonged to him when he was in the army, and was thinking about shooting her broken heart to end her misery.

She didn’t want to make a mistake by shooting the wrong place, and if this were to happen, she might become sleeping beauty and create more work for others. So she decided to call her doctor to ask for the exact location of her heart, just to make sure.

The doctor replied, “Let just say, since you are a woman, your heart is right below your left breast. But why are you asking me this?”

She didn’t answer but hung up the phone…

In the middle of the night, an elderly lady was taken to the hospital and she was injured with a gunshot wound to her left knee!

(If this offended anyone, my sincere apology. I had a grandmother and recalled that her rack hung low, one of my friends jokingly said that his grandma’s rack could swing around her body, talking about over exaggeration.)


  1. Amazing story, at least she lives. It’s amazing that a 93 year old lady can use a gun. If I had a gun I’d put it in a secure safe.

    For those who want to kill themselves, it’s going to be a long painful journey ahead. Many paranormal researchers will say that people who commit suicide will most likely get stuck between our world and the other side. In Buddhism, that could mean 500-years or more of being a ghost. 😦 …now I really love to live. 😉

    Joke: What room in our house is the ghost most afraid of?

    Answer (backward): moor gniviL.

  2. Nice joke Sim, welcome to my living room. 🙂

    Did you get the joke, her rack (that’s what some women called it) was hanging so low that it touches her knee (I guess in a sitting position) and she didn’t miss the target of where the doctor told her, but he didn’t realize that hers’ would hang that low, and didn’t think that she’d take it literally.

  3. Quite funny. I think I heard this once on A Prairie’s Home Companion Joke Festival. Kind of reminded me of the blonde who went to the doctor complaining that she hurts all over. “I touch my head and it hurts. I touch my arms and they hurt too. I just hurt all over.” And the doctor replied “maybe your finger is broken.”

    Sim: It’s funny, but my eyes tried reading the answer to your joke the way it was written before reading it backward, as it was instructed. I guess that sometimes the mind does not want to follow instruction.

    Ginger: I hope you welcome me to the kitchen as well, knowing how much I love to eat.

  4. Also, the cartoon…where did you find it? I kept staring at it for awhile because of the resemblance to another character. Is it the ‘Wicked Witch of the Waste’ from Howl’s Moving Castle after under going the weight loss program and a psychological treatment?

  5. Sorry Bob but I don’t have a kitchen, I’m not much of a cook, but you can find Food Blogs on my blogroll that I often visit, its quiet amazing of what the chefs can do with Laotian food.

    As for the cartoon, I found it at Flickr, originally uploaded by steven82. I thought about using photo of real people but thought it might be inappropriate for this post. I’m glad that you like the joke.

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