Lakorn Pood Mae Nam Kong, role offered to Alexandra Bounxouei


Seeing Weir Sukollawat on the cover of Koosang Koosom Magazine made me think of Alexandra Bounxouei, and this could be her on the cover with Weir if she had accepted the role for Lakorn ‘Pood Mae Nam Kong’, which the part was offered to Alexandra but she turned it down because she decided to accept the role for ‘Ray Rai Louk Sao Pa’ and most importantly she is in the process of signing a recording contract with one of the Thai music production companies. According to Alexandra,

“At first, Sandra was going to accept the role for ‘Pood Mae Nam Kong’ also, but later on decided not to because I accepted the role for Lakorn, ‘Ray rai Louk Sao Pa’ and could only choose one due to time. The truth is, Sandra really want to play the role but Sandra have to go back to school for a master’s degree program in Media design in Tokyo and will be gone for 2 years, and will be leaving around April of this year.

I regret not being able to play the role but I have to accept the fact that time doesn’t permit. As for Sandra, education always comes first, after graduation, I will return and pick up where I left off, especially singing, it’s very important to me. Currently, Sandra is expecting to sign a recording contract with one of the Thai music production companies in Thailand, but Sandra can’t tell you right now as to which company.”

The leading lady that will take her place in ‘Pood Mae Nam Kong’ is Jui Warattaya Nilkuha, and this is going to be a ghost/fantasy drama. I love ghost story, and looking forward to watching this Lakorn.