Thai Ghost Spirit Song (Winyarn)

As much as I love ghost story, this song, winyarn (spirit) is a bit frightening for me to listen to, hear it for yourself.

Winyarn: This is a spiritual world, the spirits that still have worried…they refuse to leave. Still lingering, hanging around us …many are still very upset with human, with so much anger, revengeful toward people, including YOU…have you ever feel, when you’re alone it seems as if someone is watching you…that is, in dead silence, do you ever feel chills run down your spine, have you ever heard something, even when you’re by yourself. Listen…Can you hear it?

The windows and doors, did you lock them? How did they get in? The smell of rotten flesh, smell of corps, the voices of the spirit…what are they saying? Listen…Can you hear it?

(Boo! I’ve had goose bumps listening and translating this song)

This song made me think of this Thai horror film, The Shutter (2004): A young photographer Thun and his girlfriend Jane discover mysterious shadows in their photographs after fleeing the sceen of an accident. As they investigate the phenomenon, they find other photographs contain similar supernatural images, that Thun’s best friends are being haunted as well, and Jane discovers that her boyfriend has not told her everything. It soon becomes clear that you can not escape your past. Written by Cleon. Click here to watch all parts of The Shutter, uploaded by tao7671 at YouTube.

The movie is somewhat scary to me, but it has English subtitles if your Thai is not that good or you don’t understand Thai language. According to Darly’s post Ananda Everingham, the actor, Ananda Matthew Everingham is the son of an Australian father, Bangkok-based photojournalist John Everingham, and a Laotian mother, Keo Sirisomphone. The quality of the film is excellent.


  1. The trailer looks great. It’s sounds like it’s going to be a great movie. The Mp3 sounds interesting to listen to when we need the extra adrenaline rush.

    I wonder if anyone have heard of the theater stampede. At around 1978, in Thailand, a movie theater screen catches on fire in the middle of a horror film. The movie screen collapses onto the audiences right at the scene when the main character’s baby dies during birth. At this point she suddenly turns into a scary ghost. A stampede immediately begins inside the theater. If someone hadn’t picked me up and carried me outside I could’ve been trampled. My memory is vagued but I’d shared the same memory with my brother who was also in the theater.

  2. Sim, I was living in Thailand at that time but I can’t recall hearing about the fire. Do you remember if it was Nang Nak Phrakhanong movie because this is one of the legend of ghost stories in Thailand and they remake this numerous times.

    I think this can be much-traumatized seeing ghost movie at a young age, and something tragic happened even made things worse, it can become a phobia. Also, when I was little, the adult would tell us ghost story to prevent us from wandering off. I think it’s all in the mind, I believe ghost do exist, but more in the energy form and your imagination is what made them scary. If you are focus and have strong will, they often don’t visit you; they only visit the ones that are afraid of them, you sort of become a ghost magnet. It’d be good to overcome your phobia for those that have one. I find ghost story fascinating and love translating Thai ghost story, might sound like a weirdo to some people. 🙂

  3. You got it right, it’s Nang Nak Phrakhanong. The lady is called Ei Nak Phrakhanong. Ei Nak Phrakhanong is the most scariest word throughout my childhood. It is a word that will make us bolt out of any room we happen to be in. Almost equivalent to yelling the word “Fire.” The other scary words are “The Twilight Zone” followed by “Jason” (I’m not sure,) “The Poltergeist” and then “Nightmare on Elm Street.” Jason is the guy in the ski (hockey) mask with a chain saw. In America’s Funniest Home videos, I saw a father dressed as Jason scaring his kids while they huddled under a blanket. It’s okay but I don’t recommend anyone doing this because my brother did this and I had a hard time sleeping for years.;) I was never able to stay home alone when I was a kid.

    There are two movies that prevented me from using the shower or use the toilet. These movies had worms coming out of the shower heads. The other shows a hand popping out from the toilet and then yanking on our intestines. If I could go back in time, I would close my eyes during those scenes.

    I’m not afraid of ghosts or criminals anymore. They are part of this world and our job is to squash them. 😉

  4. Sim, funny that I didn’t realize that you were that afraid of ghost growing up. When I was little at the Camp in Thailand, I used to tell ghost stories but I’d wait until it gets real dark before telling and I usually had a few kids that would gather to listen. Many of my stories I got from a radio station whilst living in Thailand called Loung Ponh. I often thought about doing something similar to that, telling ghost stories or children stories via prod cast, something for me to think about.

    As for Nang Nak Phrakhanong they made that into the movie several times and one time actually made it at the same spot that she died. I recalled reading that when they played the music and her singing a lullaby to her baby, the actress’s body that played Nang Nak actually floated slightly up in the air and this scared the filming crews, everyone had chills because it sounded so haunting, and they believed that her spirit is still around. She is the legend of Thai ghosts.

    I had watched most of the ghost stories that you mentioned; I think my family must have liked ghost stories whilst I was growing up. The one that scared me the most was The Exorcist, after watching it, I was afraid to look out the window at nighttime. The apartment that we lived in Brooklyn, NY had a window in the kitchen and had no drape or blind so it over looked the dark alley and we were on the third floor. I hated it when I had to do the dishes at night. I washed the dishes as fast as I could, no telling if it was clean or not, and tried not to look out the window but it was hard because the sink was right near the window and I’d imagine her floating outside my window, I get chills just talking about it.

  5. I’m very lucky that I didn’t see The Exorcist. Previously, I said my job is to squash ghosts. Instead, I want them to go towards the lights, go find a place to be reborn, or go to a better place. 🙂

    I love to tell or listen to ghosts stories. The podcast idea is cool, children will most likely love it. These stories from the folklore have a moral to each story.

  6. Sim, I’m planning to purchase children’s book from Laos when I visit with Darly, but I’m not sure about the voice yet because mine is too mixed, I might get someone to read it for me. I thought about doing my translated ghost stories also.

    I’ve not decided for sure, but I know where to host it at, I thought it’d be great to have another blog or Tab just for prod cast, I think there is something out there already, but it’s not user friendly. If anyone is interested in doing this, the idea is also up for grabs. 🙂

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