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Sayo Laos Magazine Interview, Muslims of Vientiane

Continued from Sayo Laos Magazine Interview As we all know that there are mostly positive news coming from Laos, and this is also stressed here by Ardina that, “…the government allows us to write according to the best interest of the country but we have to send in our issue before each publication for approval,… Continue reading Sayo Laos Magazine Interview, Muslims of Vientiane


Broad-Leafed Epiphyllum…Queen of the Night

My GI Joe sister was telling me about a plant that the flower only blooms once a year, she said that a Lao lady, her Laotian neighbor called her over when it started to bloom in September of last year, it started at 9 p.m, and was fully bloomed by midnight, the flower then died… Continue reading Broad-Leafed Epiphyllum…Queen of the Night