What Motivates You?

entropy-memory-creativity-by-jef-safi.jpgI think personal satisfaction is the key motivator for most people, whether in blogging or running a successful business. I think some blogs or businesses fail, and others flounder because the persons in charge are uncertain as to what they really want to achieve and somehow it is not satisfying their personal needs and ambitions. It might sound funny when I use the terms blog and business together here, might be that I view a blog as a small business.

I believe that a successful blogger would make a successful entrepreneur, a good blog should have a good concept, offer something new and better to readers, should be readily for change and growth, and ultimately, it’s a responsibility as far as contents in ways that satisfy personal needs and ambitions of a blogger. Therefore it is useful to evaluate and consider your personal goals when deciding upon the theme of your blog, which direction you are going and ultimately it should satisfy you as an individual, if not, then its pointless to continue in what you’re doing, a waste of time in my opinion.

As for business, personal satisfaction might deviate a bit from running a successful blog but not by much; just like a blog, it’s also useful to evaluate and consider your personal goals when deciding upon the nature of your business development. For most entrepreneurs, the Four C’s can sum up these goals, which are control, challenge, creativity, and cash.

I think having control of what you’re doing is very important, especially if you’re starting out and if you want to be involved in every business decision but the only draw back is that your business should be designed to stay small. Likewise, if you need a great deal of control over your time because of family or personal demands, a smaller business without rapid expansion might be more appropriate for you because large company often times mean less immediate control over many decisions and others will share in decision-making.

If you’re starting or expanding a business, you’re likely to be a problem-solver and risk-taker, enjoying the task of figuring out solutions to problems or devising new undertakings. It’s important to recognize the extent of your need for new challenges and develop positive means to meet this need, especially once your company is established and the initial challenge of starting a company is met. Otherwise, you may find yourself loosing interest in what you’re doing, and continually starting a new project that divert attention from your company’s overall goals, ultimately, it should provide you with sufficient stimulation and this will also advance the growth of your business.

Entrepreneurs want to leave their mark. Their companies are not only a means of making a living but a way of creating something that bears their stamp. That’s why many businesses carry the founder’s name. Creativity comes in many forms, for some it is the creativity involved with designing or making a new thing, and for others, it may be the creativity of coming up with a new business process. Creativity also comes into play in finding new ways to make sales, handle customers, or reward employees.

As for cash, many bloggers don’t share this view, but for business, understanding how your personal financial goals have an impact on your business plan. For instance, if you need substantial current income, you may need investors so you have sufficient cash to carry you through the lean start-up time. This means that you’ll share ownership interest with others, and the business must be devised for substantial profit potential to reward those investors appropriately. If your current income needs are less demanding or your overall financial goals more modest, you may be able to forego giving up a piece of your company to investors and instead expand your business more slowly through sales or through loans or credit lines. It’s sometimes a trade-off between personal goals, wanting more cash often means having less control.

I think most of us are successful in what we’re doing, especially if it’s something that we’re passionate about, at the end, it’s all about personal satisfaction. Do you have what it takes to be successful?


  1. I will keep my blogging into a “personal” category. This is the only way I can keep up with what’s going on with my life. If there are moments I’d like to look back, I’ll read my blog and learn something from it. If some people I know would ask about me, I’ll direct them to my blog.

    My goal is to become (popular, hahahaha) a better story-teller, increase my memory, learn something from people I haven’t met. I don’t need to worry how much my blog’s worth. What’s more important is that blogging motivates me – in so many ways it never ceases to amaze me.

  2. Yes, we need some strong passion and personal satisfaction in what we are doing and that may help us to succeed and lead in a larger integrated perspective.

    Whatever small bits we are doing – it doesn’t matter. Let us bring in some sheer joy, creativity, compassion and commitment in it.

    Blogging is a fine medium of expression on a global scale. Let’s scale new heights and beauties. Our LIFE is always ever dynamic and is reviving continuously with newr dimensions: let’s not chain and confine our LIFE with our own set and static definitions and bounds.

  3. I think the problem with people who are not successful is their inability to overcome their own insecurities, laziness, or plain unwillingness to push themselves to do what is needed and not what they want. Of course, we will all have to overcome obstacles of some sort in order to be successful from the rich to the poor. The rich and the poor both have to overcome prejudices that comes with their station in life.

    Self-discovery is the most important thing when it comes to blogging, business, or life in general. In all three areas, it is what we learn about ourselves that is crucial because that can make the difference when we have to answer that question: Are we successful or not? A poor person, with very little wealth or riches may say he/she is successful because they are happy and want no. A rich person who has everything may complain that they still want more because they have not discover what is most important to them.

  4. Hi K, I think you’re popular. I believe for some, when you start blogging for money, you loose your creativity, but it’s the other way around for others; someone once offered to pay me about $40 per post to write reviews on my blog and when it was time to sit down and do this, I felt like I had sold my soul to the devil because I told myself way back that I would never blog for money. In this situation, I never had the intention to keep the money, but it feels the same way. I try not to categorize my blog as personal, but it seems that it’s heading that way.

    Hi Sulochanosho, your word has always been very inspiring to me and a blog today takes on different meaning for different people, and I totally agree with you that “Our LIFE is always ever dynamic and is reviving continuously with newer dimensions: let’s not chain and confine our LIFE with our own set and static definitions and bounds.”

    A blog is a place that we can share our thoughts with family and friends, it’s a place that we can express ourselves the way that suits us best, but it can be a double-edged sword if not use properly and can often leads some of us to feel trapped, victim of our own emotions. One thing that I realized was that this is a free country, people have the freedom to express themselves, and a blog is definitely a place to do this.

    Karmadiva, I couldn’t agree with you more, and I think the more we blog, the more we realize who we are and the purpose of why we’re put on this earth. This week is my 1-year anniversary of blogging and I’m thankful to have met many nice people. As for me, facing problem is part of life and a good character builder IMO, I think of it as a challenge, and not an obstacle.

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