ELLE Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2007 Thailand – Zenithorial

Zenithorial – Tent @ Central World, October 17, 2007, 18.30

Mr. Adisak Rojsiriphan began his career in men’s clothing, but when he launched his first women’s collection at ELLE Fashion Week; he received such a warm welcome from females of all ages. His design was such a perfect blend of styles where he combined masculinity with femininity; he used the technique of slashing the trendy manly sort of look and redesigned it to fit perfectly into a woman’s figure. As for the Autumn/Winter 2007 collection, we will definitely see the unique combination of new patterns, new materials, and new functionality of fashion that dressing up can be fashionable and fun.

Please see a full collection here, detail shots, backstage/front row.

A special thanks to Mr. Nattawat (Jade) Chearananta, and the ThaiCatwalk photographers at, for allowing me to use their photos and write-up of the event.

Watch video at OZONETVONNET

2 thoughts on “ELLE Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2007 Thailand – Zenithorial”

  1. Beauuuutiful. I actually like the Autumn-Winter look for the Men’s except for the striking gold belt there.

    Overall, this deisgner is a TOP notch.

  2. I thought you might like it K, I thought of you when I chose the men photos, there’re more beautiful photos at, it’s okay for you to click, I don’t get pay for your clicking. 🙂

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