Door To Decision

I learned about Blog Action Day through A Dialogue With K, on October 15th, bloggers around the web would unite to put a single important issue on everyone’s mind – the environment. My contribution to this day, a poem by Robson Grant called Door To Decision.

Photo by Underwater-girl, called River Crossing (Mekong River, Laos)

We come from a turbulent past
To an info-age moving way to fast
The fate of these lands
Is now placed in our hands

Will we bring destruction to an end
Will we have the power to mend
Save this fragile dreamland
Wash away our footprints in the sand

Global warming is causing weather changes right before our eyes
But we still blacken our skies
Sunrays take less time to burn our faces
But we still destroy our rain forests and just leave empty spaces

The men spill out of the factories everywhere
Punching their time clocks basically unaware
Don’t realize what’s happening to the big picture
The massive devastation of the atmospheric mixture

Every day go through their daily motions
Waiting it out for measly promotions
Distant stares and silent prayers
Monday to Friday . . . say goodbye

Our oceans are slicked with oil spills
Our waterways full of toxic waste that kills
We build our cities on mountains of pollution
Without an environmental solution

We live our lives in search of wealth
In the process damage our good health
Crime stories are found on every newspaper page
People loosing control in an uncertain age

The victims of greed are getting younger
In a world that still allows their hunger
Our petty problems make us hang down our heads
While million’s go unfed

Desire unfolds the light of our day
But we cannot give in to the subtle decay
We must rise above the haze descending
Toward mass action mending

We must take control of our actions today
or the children of tomorrow will be the one’s to pay
The new innkeepers shall soon take charge
of the next generation’s voyage at large

Trends are patterned and patterns trended
But man’s damage must be ended!


  1. Thanks for joing the cause. Sometimes I wanna live in the past, without the computer – we can save electricity, without motors – we don’t pollute, without brands – we din’t have to kill animals. Looking at the beautiful scenery like that, Mother Earth is really beautiful – not many of us appreciate it anymore.

  2. Great poem. We should all try to do our part in being environmentally aware. When I can, I try to bike to the neighborhood produce market and buy the organic stuff. Better yet, my mom grows most of her fresh herbs and fruits in our backyard (pesticide-free). I use to never appreciate them as much as now.

  3. Hi K, sometimes we don’t realize that some of the things that we do can destroy the earth, mainly it’s because most of us are so busy and we like gadgets that would make our lives a bit easier at whatever cost, if we stopped to think, we might not need some of those gadgets after all.

    Hi Salat, sounds like you’re getting old. Lol.
    when I was little, I never appreciate many things in life, as you said, vegetables in our backyard, and as for me, I never appreciate the beauty of nature in Laos or Thailand, all I knew was that I had a happy childhood over there, I’d love to go back to Laos before modern civilization takes over.

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