Use Language to Convey Success

Most people don’t have time to read, if the impression that you’re giving off is being too arrogant, of how wonderful and smart you are, sort of the impression of Miss Universe beauty pageant, then most likely people won’t read what you wrote or even want to talk to you.

This is also true in the language that you use for business, whether it’s on your resume, company website, or even a casual business conversation. I’m very skeptical of anyone that is over-reaching self-promotion, and when they use the words such as “best, terrific, wonderful,” I think they reduce their credibility, but what they should be using are factual descriptions and specific information to make positive impressions. The language that you use can give the impression that you’re thoughtful, knowledgeable, and prudent, or, conversely, it can make you seem naïve and inexperienced.

I think being upfront and straightforward, even understated tone can be helpful, and let the information you convey speaks for itself. It’s important that you don’t try to pass as someone else, I recently received a business proposal for me to write a review for a web site and the person claimed that he’s in charged of the online marketing for that company, little did he know that the world is a lot smaller and references can be checked, even if we’re living in different part of the world. This is the type of people that most blogger need to be aware, but if he had been upfront with me and said that he needed help because he wanted to get their account, then I’d have wrote the review for him, no questions asked, and not even checking his references.

This is a valuable lesson that I learned for being too nice, there’re all kinds of people out there, him bragging too much about himself is what throw a red flag, but when I checked his name on the Internet, only one insignificant entry showed up, but luckily I’ve a contact that I can check with in that country.

Sometimes talking and bragging too much about you is not always a good thing, and overly used of self-promoting terms can be a turn off.


  1. I thought people would say I’m sarcastic. Intentional or not, I think I am really an arrogant bastard specially to those people who are also the same as me, it’s like “how I annoy people who also annoys me”.

    Lately, I stopped making funny comments with some of my regulars. I stopped bloghopping. I stop reading blogs that starts with “I” or “Me”. And I’m trying to blog something different now (except for the TAG I just did awhile ago).

    I really didn’t aspire for long comments. I don’t like BIG audience. I want smart people.

    But my advice to you, avoid these kind of people.

  2. Hi K, I don’t see the arrogant side of you, and it’s only human to annoy those that annoy us first, I do it all the time, some might call me mean, but that’s the only way to survive around here, I’m not going to sit back and let people verbally abused me.

    I do have to say that I’ve a small audience, and when I do get comments, whether long or short, I always feel like they’re great contribution to my post, even the not so nice comments; I learned a lot from these comments. I don’t look at the commenter as intelligent or not (unless s/he came right out to insult me), if it makes sense, even with a different perspective than mine, then to me it’s a good comment, if it doesn’t help me, it might help others.

    I’m not afraid of smart people, but I’m afraid of those that think they’re smart.

  3. “I’m not afraid of smart people, but I’m afraid of those that think they’re smart.”

    That’s true. I just don’t understand when people started to make the comments like a “chat”. I am appalled with a single comment, “LOL” nowadays. I mean, cmon give some interesting thoughts there, right?

    I think I’m just being hypocrite.

  4. >>>>I think I’m just being hypocrite.

    In the sense, I am too for posting this post. If to express my opinion is only to be dismissed as being a hypocrite, then there’s not a lot for me to say.

    My whole point of posting this post is for people to be on the look out for those that try to pass themselves as someone else, obviously targeting blogger, and I didn’t expect this post to be chosen by the WP News Departments, and posted under ‘In Business’ since yesterday, I think it’s getting too much traffic. I’d post this person’s name, but I’ve a feeling that he just started, but there’re many out there.

    To be called hypocrite, I think it takes one to know one.

  5. I have actually seen it, congratulations there.

    My goal is to just keep on blogging, enjoy it, and get along with others. My usual mood is like, “hey, you don’t like what I write, so what?”

    I guess I just need to mind my own business, people blog for money, others just want to express their thoughts through this medium and I’m quite surprise that one way or another, we learned from each other.

    This is a good post, actually.

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