News Updates on Dannavieng School Building Project

I was pleased to see the progress of the school project that my co-workers and I help support. For some of you that have seen the name Friends of NLL as a donor to Book Box Fund, and Dannavieng School Building Project in the past, those are money from my co-workers; they’re kind enough to help support in what I’m doing.

img_0998.jpgWhen Darly first introduced the project to us, I didn’t know how I’d raise money to help at the time, the only thing that I’m good at is making spring rolls which I’ve been making it for the last 10 years or so in helping raising money for the March of Dime, and Christmas for the Salvation Army Angel Tree, and this year, in placed of the Angel Tree, we decided to help sponsor the orphanage at the Children’s Home in our area, hoping to sponsor 30 children. When I first introduced the idea to my co-workers, beside from raising money for above causes, I also want to raise money to help with the school in Laos; which the only thing that (formerly known as support last year was the Book Box, and that’s how the name Friends of National Library of Laos came about, it was Darly’s idea; my co-workers loved the idea and I’ve been making a lot more spring rolls since; I’ve gotten more orders than I’d fill.

Some of my co-workers have been asking me about the building project, that if I need more money, but I think they just want to eat my spring rolls, but the intention is all the same, they want to help, thanks for supporting. One Book Box is being delivered as we’re speaking, I’ll keep you update on this and post as soon as I’ve photos from Darly.

Darly has posted an update at, and this is part of her post,

Bane Dannavieng, in Champassack Province. The new elementary school is not quite completed but has made a big progress thanks to the contributors to the project. The school now has a roof over the 8×50 meters building, which will hold 6 classrooms to be utilized for many years to come. At present, the piles of red dirt you see in the photos will be used as the floor foundation. Below are photos from the school’s officials with a note of big THANK YOU, to all who made this possible.



Before photo of the school taken by Darly when she was in Laos earlier this year,


Current, still need some more work.


Darly received these photos in hard copy, sincere apology if they’re not very clear, I hope to be there after it’s finished.


  1. Good work there. I am going to contribute to big brother mouse. The pictures of children reading books really inspired me to wanting to send money to the big brother mouse group. I think it is great what they are doing.

  2. Hi Amphone, thanks for commenting, I think it’s good that if we’re in a position to help others, donating doesn’t have to be in monetary form and doesn’t have to go to Laos, I knew you do a great deal for your local community.

    One thing that I want to make clear is that the Book Box that I’m sponsoring is through the National Library of Laos and not affiliated with Big Brother Mouse.

    Also remember that charity begins in ones home, don’t forget about your family, they should always come first, my theory is, helping yourself before helping others. I admire those that put their family first.

  3. The kids look like they really deserve the school. I better head over to the Lao Book Box Fund soon. And much thanks to those putting the project together. In this case, it really does take a village to raise (educate) a child.

  4. Hi Salat, I think anything will help, and the more I’m doing this, the sadder I became, somehow I kinda thought it’d be the other way around, and it might be that the reality to some is cruel, this will always be a problem in Laos, it’s the never ending battle…I’m just hoping to see some happy ending…and there might be a better solution to this problem than what I’m doing, but at the moment, I just don’t know what else to do. I’m open for suggestion….

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