What’s On My Desk?

I wouldn’t call this a tag, but more like asking to share by K, A Dialogue With K, of what’s on my desktop, needless to say, mine is a bit boring and I think what’s on my desk topic is more interesting, so I’ve decided to share this one, might still be boring to some to look at.


As you can see, it’s mostly reading materials; I’ve a Webster’s New World College Dictionary, Practical English Usage-Third Edition, Descriptive Word finder that I don’t use very often, and many Thai magazines that I translated from. I always keep my cell phone on my desk while I blog, just in case if someone were to call me, but very seldom that anyone would, and would mainly use it as an alarm clock.

img_1748.JPGOn top of my sub-woofer, I have 3 of my elephant’s collection, there’re many big pieces around the house. I’ve a wire cup that I’m using to hold my pencils, I like to write my notes with pencil while I’m blogging, it’d normally end up in my trash can after I’m done with my post. I’ve a Dell PC, and a 19-inch flat panel LCD monitor.

My bookshelves also house my Thai magazines, looking around; I do have lots of them. I also have books everywhere, some of the Thai novels are in my china cabinet, entertainment center, and some never made their way out from the boxes that I keep in the closet. I think what I need is a library, maybe some day.



I do have to say that I’m a lot happier since I blog, and the people around me are happier, even people at work, they’d always smile when they see my face, I’m not sure if it’s just a reflection of myself. My blog is not a secrete to them, some read my articles, only the silly ones of course, others only heard about them, but bottom line, they all think I’m silly when I write.

You can say I’m a blog addict, most of my posting on this blog are translated articles, and I love translating ghost story. I also blog at Buddhism Inter, and used to blog at Lao Voices. There’re blog postings that I realize that will never be read by anyone, mainly because I’m writing it in my head, if you see me smiling whilst looking at you, I’m writing a story in my head, might be about you, or might be about something that I’m thinking about that I read or heard that day. Maybe someday, this part of the blog posting will find its way to an actual blog, I might tell you about it, or it might be one of the millions of blog out there.

K once told me that the best things in life are free, which I’m sure most of us have heard this before; the WordPress version that I’m using is free. Most people that knew me personally think that I’m crazy, that I spend a lot of time blogging and not get paid. I don’t expect non-bloggers to understand the reward of blogging, but I’m sure my readers love reading the diversity of my blog, and some of my blog postings might sound silly, but if it’d bring a smile to your face, that’s all it matters to me, I don’t mind being silly.

One of my friends told me that she’s writing a book, but it might take her a long, long time to complete, it might be published, or it might not. I suggested to her to blog because she never know what kind of audience she might have, but she didn’t want the world to see her writing until it’s ready, but one thing that I realized whilst talking to her was that she has the misconception about the Internet, that if she was to post her book or chapters of her book on the Internet; there will be millions of people clicking to read it because there’re so many people out there using the Internet, little did she know.

I told her that when I first started blogging, I had about 10 to 20 views per day and now I’m just getting over 350 per day, on a good day, pushing 400 (now 1,500+ hits per day), and her exact word, “Is that all? If I post my book on the internet, it’ll be millions of views per day,” I guess if it’s about p0rn, or exp0sing herself on line, she might get that, but a book of unknown author, I doubt it. She is one that said to me, “I’m not doing it for free, if I write, I’ve to be making lots of money off from it.” She doesn’t understand the concept of blogging, or why bloggers blog.

All blogger understand the reward of blogging, to us, sharing is our way of showing that we care.


  1. Oh my goodness, LOTSA books! I swear I suck at reading books. Books I normally read, are usually Architectures, houses, furnitures, kitchens. Gulp!

    Can I have one of those miniature elephants?

  2. LOTSA books, it is, I love books, when I was little, I used to buy Japanese comic books. I used to read home and garden magazine, but I don’t have that much time anymore. I wish I have more time to read, I only get about 4 hours of sleep, just not enough time to do everything that I want done.

    I’d give you one of the elephants, but I don’t know how much it would cost to ship to HK, Do you have UPS collect account?

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