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Khmer Ghosts on Koh Kood Island

This was based on a real life story in Koosang Koosom Magazine, by Pheakthongthah Andy, written in Thai Language, translated by Ginger.

koh-kood1.jpgIt all started at the end of the summer one year, when some of my colleagues (flight attendants) that I often work with had some vacation time left, about 10 of us, so we decided to go to Koh Kood for our vacation, and we stayed at one of the bungalows on the island.

Koh Kood is the fourth largest island in Thailand; it is the closest island to the Cambodia border in Trat province, approximately 330 km southeast from Bangkok and doesn’t belong to the Mu Koh Chang National Park anymore.

Since we want to travel as most tourists do, we decided to take a shuttle bus, we left Bangkok in the afternoon heading toward Trad, then took Song Tail (local car pool) to the pier, from there we traveled by boat to get to Koh Kood, and by the time we got there, it was late in the evening; we were tired; you’d say that we practically had to crawl up to our room.

After we settled down, freshen up, and ate our evening meal, we’re energized, and decided to walk around the island. Our bungalow looked somewhat typical, old fashion that you’d normally see at most islands in Thailand. The bungalows were raised a bit, and have wood siding, with windows in all directions that show beautiful view of the beach and ocean. The one that we stayed was oceanfront, the view of the ocean and the blue sky blended in with the light blue color of the bungalow.

The backside of the bungalow was a small mountain with all kinds of plants and small shrubs growing everywhere. I’d hear strange sounds coming from that direction, I imagined that there’d be plenty of wild animals, but there was one sound that gave me chills and goose bumps, mixed feelings of fear and disgust and that was Tokay lizards (Gekko Gecko); I’d hear them squawking outside the room.

We met many locals and most of them were friendly except for one family, a father, mother, and a child, which all looked at me strangely, as they were whispering things amongst themselves…

That night, we all gathered by the beach and had a good time, the weather was nice, cool ocean breeze, and we were out there passed mid night before any of us decided to head back to the bungalow. We knew each other for a long time, so we all decided to sleep in the biggest bedroom, some slept on the floor, but we had a good time chatting and teasing one another that night.

Most of us were tired, so our chattering eventually turned into whispering amongst those that’re still up, and eventually all went to sleep. The sound of the waves was steady and calm, and because I was so tired, I fell asleep as well.

I’m not sure how long time has lapsed, but I woke up because I heard the LOUDEST Tokay ever (Gekko Gecko, click link to listen for yourself.) It was outside my window, I froze in bed, and it was making the squawk sounds like a growl. I was scared; so I pulled the cover over myself, and covered my ears with both hands because I couldn’t stand the sound…somewhat strange that my friends were still asleep, so peacefully as if nothing has happened.

In a short while, the sound calm down, but in its place were sounds of a couple engaging in conversation, I tried to listen but couldn’t understand a single word, and it seemed as if they were speaking Khmer language.

I turned toward one of the windows that I thought was the direction of the sound, it was somewhat dark, but the moon light helped to see silhouettes, which were a man, woman, and a child, they were the family that I saw earlier in the evening, the conversation came to a halt, as if they knew that someone was eavesdropping on them, all turned my direction and stared at me…that cold stare.

I thought to myself, they’re probably the local that worked here, so I asked them in a low voice because fearing that I might disturb my friends that were sleeping.

“Is there anything wrong, why are you here this late?” My voice must have waked some of my friends, they started to move around, and as I looked, I could see a shadow of someone getting up. In a split of a second that I looked away, the image of that little boy standing outside, then suddenly appeared right by the bedroom door…he was holding a huge wooden stick, and was swinging it back and forth. I was confused with the image in front of me; I didn’t understand when or how he climbed up the window to stand in our room.

To my surprise, he started to run around the room, jumping over some of my friends that were sleeping on the floor, and started to tap the wall with the stick making lots of noise, and started to scream on top of his lungs, it was chilling that I’d to cover my ears.

At this point, all my friends woke up, all sat up, and looked at each other, confused, what just happened? I tried to tell the boy to stop with what he was doing, but that kid, as if he just came straight from hell wouldn’t stop, still running around the room and screaming; I didn’t know what to do, so I looked at the couple that was still standing outside.

I motioned to them with my hand, “can you please come and get your son, he’s so hyper…,” but strangely, they didn’t even acknowledge me, as if they didn’t care, that their son was disturbing our sleep.

“Who are you talking to Andy? And what is that noise…who is screaming and banging on the wall?” One of my friends asked with a shaky voice, and started to look around, as if he couldn’t see anyone, couldn’t see that boy.

“Uh! I’m calling the couple outside to come and get their son, he’s been running around in here, doesn’t he know to go to sleep?” By this time I was piss off, I got out from bed and walked toward the light switch, finally found it and turned it on, but nothing happened, the room was still dark. Amidst the confusion amongst my friends, I kept trying to turn the light on, a bit agitated because that boy just wouldn’t stop with what he was doing, I screamed at the top of my lungs, competing with the boy’s screaming,

“Hey, STOP! Stop running right now!”

As I was yelling, my hand still trying to turn on the light switch, finally the light came on, but at the same time the image of that boy vanished right before my eyes. It was dead silent, I looked around the room, and saw most of my friends gathered at one corner of the room, all looked frighten.

I rushed to the window, looking for the couple and the boy, but it was empty where they once stood. I looked into the darkness, and then saw silhouettes of those three by the boating dock, they all looked at me with cold stare, then turned around and walked away, vanished into the darkness.

The next morning, I went outside to the area that the husband and wife stood, I went by myself because the others were busy packing, they were scared and decided to leave early. Where the couple stood last night were two shrines, I’m wondering why none of us noticed or saw these two shrines yesterday. When I asked the workers there, they said that the two shrines were for a husband and wife and their son, they immigrated from Cambodia fleeing the war not too long ago, unfortunately their boat sunk and their bodies were washed to shore, right in front of this bungalow.

The strangest thing, no one saw the ghosts of this family before until that night and never heard from them again.

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  1. Hi Amphone, let me know what you think, I like this one a lot, it’s interesting. 🙂 Don’t forget to click to hear the sound of the Tokay.

  2. This must be a true story. Now, the sound does give me the creep. You got me there. Thanks a lot. Going to try to go to bed not thinking about this story now. I better not get a nightmare. Would have been alright if I didn’t click like you say.

  3. Ginger I love the stories you translate because it’s always stories. Even though I get scared easily, I am drawn to ghost stories and strange tales of the after life! I agree with Amphone, we are going to have to blame you if we both get nightmares! If I do have one I’ll be sure to tell you!:)

  4. Hi Amphone and Karmadiva, I’m glad that you both got spooked, that’s my goal…lol, at this moment, I’m very proud of myself. This is my first translated story with sound, when I first heard it, made me think of the time when I was little, my mom and older sisters told us that if we don’t behave and go to sleep, or stop crying at night, then the Tokay will come and eat our liver and kidney, and as a little kid, as soon as they told me this, then I’d hear the thing saying ‘tokay, tokay, tokay…’ it shut me up immediately. I think people back home are still doing this.

  5. Thanks for the reminder, tokay tokay, tokay. It’s coming back now. Have not hear that sound for a long long time. When I was very young, I remember seeing then hanging around the keur (ceiling) just waiting for the light to go out. Then, tokay tokay tokay… Haunting and fond memory,…

  6. Hi Karmadiva, I’m glad that you like them, I just got some new stories in yesterday but have not look at them yet, more are coming. 🙂

    Amphone, I don’t like the Tokay, I was told that they’ve a very sticky paws, make sense because they stick to the ceiling, can’t imagine if one jumps on you.

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