Blast From The Past, Transportation


Past Thailand: “Transport old and new, Chiang Mai – 3-14-1959” photo by Wally Higgins


Past Thailand: “Klong Rangsit – 3-8-1959”


Past Thailand: “Canal view near Meklong Railway – 6-8-1960”

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  1. I love this posting. To think you’ve already blasted ourselves into the 21th century and all, then this guy pulled up his wagon with cows pulling it. Poople ough to be contend with what they got. Just like that song, “It’s not wanting what you need. Its wanting what you got…the gas cost too much…” Wanting what she got, the sun, so she just going to enjoy it. “I’mm going to soak up the sun.” Great song.

  2. Hi Amphone, one great thing about the Internet is that you can find almost anything, even these great photos, they’re nice to look at. I believe we can still see this back in Laos and Thailand, but with some modern twist of course.

  3. Yeah, about the internet. A lot of people, even people my age, rely on the internet extensively. Many people I talked or debate with, when asked, “How you learn about this?” The answer is usually, “I found it on the internet.” I guess if you search, you will find…on the internet.

  4. I normally check many sources because you can’t trust everything that you read on the internet, but I do have to admit that it’s a great place to do research.

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