Thai Dog Fortune Teller


What is your fortune? No, I mean what is your dog fortune. Ask me what you will…with the power of the stars, I will reveal your dog fortune!

When I came upon this article in Kwanreun Magazine written by Khunchith in Thai language, translated by yours truly, I couldn’t help but ROFL, pronounced as is (dog barking), and also rolling on the floor laughing because this has got to be the oddest profession that I’ve heard, Dog Fortune Teller.

I’m a dog lover, so I’m very familiar with our k-9, 4-legged friends, they had been in our family since I was about 6 years old, and my last one recently passed away but have not gotten a replacement for him yet. As I recall, most dogs take the personality of their owners, I knew Teddy was very hyper when I first got him, but became very calm shortly afterward, might be that he got older also, but nevertheless, he somewhat took my personality. This article suggested something that’s somewhat odd to me; it’s amusing to read.

If you ever have had dogs as pets, do you often times don’t understand them? You don’t seem to get along with your dogs, you might have several and their personalities aren’t the same, some like to flirt, some like to bark, some would bite without warning, and some are just plain lazy that like to sleep all day long, and the list goes on, so much different that you don’t understand them at all.

You can be certain that they also don’t understand you, so don’t try to understand them. You should try to understand yourself first before trying to understand your dog, if you can’t understand yourself, how can you understand others, it’d be a waste of your time, your dog probably don’t understand you also. They don’t understand why their owners only love them when they’re little, then ignore them as they get older, and eventually have forgotten about them.

It’s just that they can’t tell you how they feel, if they could, then I’m sure they’d be very dogmatic about it. Come to think about it, their fortune might not be good to have bad owners that neglect them. I guess this must be the beginning of this profession, fortune telling for dogs, the owners need to find out the fortune of their dogs, to see if they’re compatible, and you thought that you’ve heard it all.


Thaling Pongsuksee, a 54 years old male, who’s claimed that he foretells dog fortune, and can do it over the phone and no need to bring your dog in, he just needs your dog’s date of birth, and presto, he can tell your dog fortune over the phone, and only charges 100 Baht ($3).

Before he became a dog fortune teller, he used to fortune telling for people but since he’s a dog lover, and dogs are man’s best friend, they’re honest and faithful, therefore he studies extensively in this field, and claimed that he is the one and only in the world (no kidding.)

The first thing that you need to know before adopting or purchasing a dog is the compatibility of the two of you (sounds like match making, in this case, it is, you and your new dog), he will look at the fortune of the dog first, then at yours to see the compatibility, and Thai people called it, Doung Sirimongkon (or Doung Sirimoungkhoun for Lao). Most of his clients would ask about their dogs’ personality, such as if they love their owner, like certain food, like to hang out, and much, much more, somehow all related to fortune telling.

This I find a bit bizarre that the owners would want to know, if their dogs were born in a certain year, then what types of illness will they have, if they’d die of car accident, if they’d die of cancer, if they’d have Alzheimer’s disease, and the list goes one, which this man can foretell. His suggestion to the owner is that since you’re the educated one, you should adjust yourself to accommodate your dog, your dog can’t speak, so can’t tell you what s/he likes, or dislikes, therefore its best that you try to understand your dog, not the other way around.

The majority of his clients are dog lovers, females, and dog breeders. How reliable is this? I can’t tell you, use your own judgment and common sense, but if you’re interested in knowing about your dog fortune, please contact him at telephone # 0-2542-1581 (Thailand), he is eagerly waiting to hear from you, He he…


  1. My animal sign is a dog (now that you know) and I am not a dog lover. I think I am a fish (is there?) that’s why I love cats. Cats love fish. Go figure.

  2. Lol, I don’t know if there’s any relationship between cat lover and fish lover, but you tell me, you’d know best. We might not agree when it comes to topic of dogs and cats, but I think it’s universal, I’ve not came across anyone that’s both, it’s either one or the other, so I’m a dog person, and you’re a cat person.

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