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Ghost Talk By Dr. Death Of Bangkok, Thailand

porntip.jpgBangkok’s Dr. Death, a forensic pathologist Dr. Porntip Rojansunan, who is waging a one-woman war against Thailand’s notoriously corrupt and trigger-happy police. She estimates that police lie or tamper with the evidence in 60% of the deaths she investigates. Some police officers have attempted to silence her through court action.

Porntip’s stand against the authorities is transforming her into a people’s champion. She’s mobbed in public, asked for autographs, invited onto TV chat shows, a law and order pop star who quite literally dresses the part. Her eclectic fashion sense is more 1980’s punk night clubber than sober- suited investigator. Her unforgettable wardrobe manages to both annoy the police and delight her growing army of fans.

Since she works with corpse’s day in day out, you’d have thought that she might be able to communicate with ghost spirits, but somehow they must be afraid of her, might be because of her cool looks. Regardless, they still communicate in some fashion, the stories that she’s telling below clearly indicate that there’s something there that we can’t deny of its existence, and the means of communication is through dream, and sometimes through meditation, which ever they choose, they’re communicating with us.

These stories were told by Dr Porntip aka Dr. Death, in Kullastree Magazine, written in Thai Language, translated by Ginger.

I’ve never thought that I’d be telling ghost story, but it’s very strange, there’re evidences indicating that the ghost spirits can communicate and tell us of what happened to them, which I had never experienced this myself, but the ghost spirits would tell someone else, very strange, it made a believer out of me.

I’ve been working as a forensic pathologist for over 20 years but never once saw ghost, heard them speak amongst themselves, or even dreamed of them. I’ve worked diligently to help solve their cases (meaning the dead or ghost) but not once did they say thank you to me.

It was almost 9 years ago when I first discovered that ghost spirit exists, it was when the plane crashed at Surat Thani. At that time, there were a medical student and her father that died in that crash, her friends called and asked me to perform a forensic DNA testing of her, and this was how I was involved and aware of the ghost spirit.

The body was identified as Jane Doe, it was impossible to know who it was, one doctor asked me to perform a forensic DNA testing because he had a female relative that died in the crash, and her family had a funeral service for her but one of the family members dreamed that she has not been released, which her family suspected that they got the wrong body. When the result came back, it was as suspected; this was the first time that I learned about the communication of the ghost spirit.

It’s a good thing that the ghost spirit didn’t try to communicate directly with me.

Next case, also involved dream of a ghost spirit telling that he has not been released. It all started when a lady was looking for her husband, he had been missing for several days, and later found dead on the side of the road. His wife left his body there, and went to the police station to report his death, but when they got back to the scene, this body was burned so they had to ship his body to Bangkok for forensic testing. After that, then his wife had a simple funeral service for him at Wat (temple), the first night of the service, she dreamed that he told her that he has not been released. She assumed that she had the wrong body. It was strange that two cases were identical, almost the same story you might say, ghost spirit telling that s/he has not been released.

It made me wonder why the ghost spirit didn’t just come out and say that it was the wrong body, why let us do the guesswork, what if we guess wrong, or is it that the ghost spirits have limited language or words that they could use, almost talking in riddle, strange.

Finally, the case came to my attention, when there’s a forensic DNA testing involved, my name always is pulled first. When I first saw the body, just by looking at the skull, I could tell right away that it was a female because of the structure, or possibly someone that was gay. The result of the DNA came back as I had suspected, a female, not only the relatives that were in shock, so was I, what’s going on here? You’d not have thought that there’s such story.

The next case also involved dream, the sugar cane farmer was tilling his land to prepare for planting, and he took his son with him. The boy came running to his dad and said that there were rats running down the hole nearby, and asked if his dad would look at it, but his dad had no interest so they went home. That night, the farmer dreamed that several rats ran down the hole and led him to a corpse.

When he got up, he tried to figure out the meaning of his dream because often times, most people would translate dreams into lottery numbers. Finally, him and his friends decided to go over to the hole and started digging, to their surprise; they found a body of a man, buried with his hands handcuffed from the back.

Every detail was exactly the same as his dream. It then turned into a murder case because he had a bullet lodged in his skull, who ever did this was extremely evil, kidnapped, handcuffed, and then shot him in the head, possibly to shut him up.

The next case, the ghost spirit communicated via meditation, it started when a female attorney, 46 years old, who was involved with several high profile cases. She was attending a meditation convention at a well-known resort, and her friends tried to warn her that she might be in danger because they just found out that someone was after her, but somehow they couldn’t get in touch with her.

Shortly after that, she was brought to the hospital, the person that brought her said that she was in a bicycle accident, rode down from a steep hill, she arrived in critical condition but died shortly thereafter. Her friends didn’t believe that it was an accident and asked me to perform a forensic examination. From looking at her overall appearance and the severity of her injury on her face, but there were no bruises on her body, it was cleared that she didn’t ride down the hill as originally reported. After a close examination, her wounds indicated that there were 3 weapons used, which was ¾ woods, knife, and rock because the wounds indicated that way.

After the examination, her family came to pick up her body and I told them the detail of her injury. Before her family left the room, one of her friends asked to come in because she has something to tell us. She sat down and told us that on the day of the accident, she was meditating and her friend came to her and told her that it wasn’t an accident, but a group of people attacked and killed her, they used ¾ wood, knife, and rock.

This person obviously didn’t hear what I told her family and her family never left the room, so it was impossible that they could have told each other of what I said. After I heard the story, I felt chills and goose bumps all over, oh, it was as if she had seen it with her own eyes. This was the first time that I discovered that ghost spirits can communicate in so much detail, but it’s a good thing that they didn’t try to communicate directly with me because it’d be confusing if I was asked to appear in court, what would I tell the judge, that the ghost spirit told me in my dream; it’d be thrown out of court for sure.

There’re more cases, these are just a few that I’m sharing and there’s no solid proof, just what I’ve heard and saw and thought that they were strange and interesting. I don’t believe 100% of what I heard because sometimes people can add things to make the story more interesting, they might know only 5%, besides, it’s hard to prove, but it’s interesting to know that ghost spirits can communicate and tell us a great deal.

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  1. Hi Nye,
    I would have never heard of this very “spirited” forensic lady if not for your translation. So thanks!

    In Buddhism, we were told that souls or spirits float out there and don’t know where to go because no one told them they were dead. Back in my younger years, I would often feel a “presence” in the room withe me. Then quietly I would whisper, “You are no longer alive. Go follow the light.” And I would immediately feel as if the presence was gone.

    But now I think my mind is too busy to worry about any presence in the room, except for maybe a burglar. 😉

  2. >>>But now I think my mind is too busy to worry about any presence in the room…

    That might be the key why we can’t communicate with ghost spirit because we’re so busy and our minds work constantly, but once our minds are at a resting state, such as sleeping or meditating, then we’re able to receive the ghost spirit messages that they’re trying to communicate with us. I’m beginning to see the meaning of dreams in a different light; they might not just be our unfinished thoughts that I originally thought.

    Her stories made me think of some of our dreams of my mom that we had, makes me think that she actually came to visit us in our dreams and tried to communicate with us.

  3. I kinda like watching the “Ghost Whisperer” lately. It always scare me when I actually see the real death on the news – we really never know when and how we gonna die, but I hope I’ll die peacefully so that my soul will be in peace. Oh, I think I can also bring my iPod with me. 🙂

  4. Thanks K for telling me about the “Ghost Whisperer,” I didn’t know it exists, I really like it, as you can see that I’ve not been in touch with television much lately.

    I don’t think much about death, if it’s going to happen, it will and there’s not much that we can do to prepare, just enjoy life while we’re still living. 😉

  5. hI Nye, I’ll am a american woman married to a vietnamese man for 29 years, I am trying to understand the buddhist tradtions. My husband passed away on June 2 2007 From liver cancer. We found out in 2004 he would die from this type of cancer.I’ll having a hard time letting him go.Because in 2006 I’ll find out he had a vietnamese girlfriend, he know her since 2004,He swore to me he only loved me,That she was just a friend.I know from taper there conversations they were more than question is because my husband lied about his affair.In my eyes he has will his affair keep him from going to heaven,I ‘ll am trying so hard to let him move on, But those lies are killing me.So is affair a sin.what would a monk say to this. I did the buddhist tradtion when my husband died in vietnam,His wish was to die there and be bury there.I’ll also did a 21 day memeriol service in american and wore the white robes all his friends were proud of me and my girls.September 8 will be 100 days For the one year we plan to go back to vietnam to honor the one year.So can you please help me understanding what they mean.I’ll am from louisiana, They is one monk in our parish,But he can’t speak english,When i ask my vietnamese friends they don’t know how to answer me.Cause most of them have never experience the buddhist tradtions in vietnam.cause they have lived in american to long. When they saw my husband tape of the his death in vietnam and saw that me and my girl had did all the buddhists tradtion .They said they would’nt have know all that.My husband family loves us so they show us want to do, LIke me they were upset with my husband last years for wanting a girlfriend in his sick years I’ll appreciate any advise.Thanks Susan

  6. Hi Susan, I’m sorry to hear about the death of your husband, I’m a Buddhist and knew a bit about our Buddhist belief, but it’s only a belief that I can’t tell you how true this is, there’s no guarantee that if certain things that we do will take us to heaven or hell, just like Christians believe that you either go to heaven or hell after you die.

    Doing good deed at the temple isn’t designed to avoid hell, it’s designed to increase karma, happiness, prosperity, and lessen suffering, for both the living and passed love ones.

    In standard religious Buddhism, committing one of these five or seven sins is said to earn one a place in the lowest and worst of the hell realms, which are not harming sentient beings, not stealing, not lying, not indulging in improper sexual acts, and becoming intoxicated. Lastly, the most deadly or heinous sin of all are killing one’s father, killing one’s mother, shedding the blood of a Buddha, destroying the harmony of the monastic order (the sangha), and either killing a Buddhist saint (arhat) and/or destroying Buddhist scriptures and statues.

    From the sermon that I gathered, if I understood correctly, there are 3 types of sin, the first type if you committed, you have to pay for it in your next life, second type if committed, you have a chance to do good deed to replace or lessen the sin, third type if you committed, you have to pay for it in this life, this is when people said, what goes around, comes around. In your husband’s case, I don’t know which type it is.

    Buddhism isn’t like other religions in which if you committed a sin, you just have to ask for forgiveness or confess your sin and you have a clean slate. Buddhism is a way of life that you’d try to do good deed to lessen your suffering, in a sense very similar to problem solving approach in life where you’d identify a problem, then solve it in a way that will benefit as many people as possible, and at the same time to minimize or eliminate suffering.

    In your case, you need some closure because you want your husband to go to heaven but that’s not entirely up to you, what he did in his lifetime, I believe drawn out his destiny and it’s a course that he’s to take. From what I understand, he committed a sin of having an affair, lie, then he’d pay for that sin in hell (not for eternity), then after he paid for that, then he’ll go on to somewhere else, such as reincarnate into another form, such as ghost, angel, animal, or human. To do a traditional Buddhist ceremony for him will help to alleviate his sin or suffering, but I dare not say it will erase it completely, but him knowing of what you’ve done for him will bring him great joy, it’s like someone in prison, their body gets lock up, but knowing that someone care enough to visit them, it’d give them happiness and hope, and I believe the good deed that you’ve done for your husband will bring the same joy to him, even if his soul has not been released because he has to pay for his sin.

    Just to explain a bit of what you did, you perform a good deed ceremony at the temple for your husband, and there has to be a messenger that deliver these good deed and many times we’d hear it in the chanting of offering of good deed(either by monk or noble person); which is to ask the person (your husband) to come and receive the good deed offering, and for some unknown reason as to why he can’t come, then they’d invite Tavarda (angel from above), and Ma Jour Tor Ra Nee (mother earth from below) to deliver a message to him.

    You’re doing the best that you’d for your husband, it’s also best to let go because if he knew that you’re worried about his being, then that would only hold him back. I’ve no doubt that your husband loved you, and you certainly don’t want him to feel sad because of your anger for what he did, it’s best to burry his past with him, and when one year anniversary of his death, then you should also do a good deed ceremony for him, by then, his soul might be released. My mom also passed away in January of this year of liver cancer, we knew about the disease 4 months prior to her death, we did the same ceremony for her.

    Please also read 100 days memorial service for my mom, Lao’s tradition might be slightly different from Vietnamese, but the basic belief is very similar.

  7. Ginger thanks so much for writing me back! you have made me understand about the good deeds hows it’s designed to increase karma for both the living and passed love ones.After reading your letter my heart feels so much lighter.My mind is at ease.I am also sorry for your lost.Did your mom have Hepatocellular carcinoma cancer? That’s what my husband was dignose with along with Hep.C his tumor had grow from3cm to 9cm his stomach had reached 124cm at his death.80% asia people are dying from this type of cancer.It’s sad to see so many suffer and there nothing they can do,Most of them can’t even afford care after seeing a doctor,most die soon. My husband was very lucky we could afford a nurse to come everyday she would inject him with morpin for his pain and antibotic,fluid. Vietnamese people in there country are poor and cannot afford care. i asked one lady what she gave her husband for his pain,When she said nothing ,she said no money so many cannot afford to even buy medicne to ease there pain.If i ever would win the lottery my dream would be to go and help those that have this cancer to pay for there care.So they would not have to suffer.I feel like i have find a new friend, My husband had a lot of loas friends please email me sometime susan

  8. Susan, I’m glad that I’d be of some help to you, not understanding the tradition could be difficult at times, and not understanding what you’ve done for your husband made it even harder.

    When we found out about my mom illness, it’s at stage 4, the tumors (4 or 5) covered 80-85% of her liver, all they told us was liver cancer, it never spread elsewhere. She never went through any types of treatment, and she’d hospice care right away and the nurses were wonderful. I’d recommend hospice care for anyone, the service and medication were free to my mom, and I’m not sure why many Asians don’t use their service. They also have a facility for those that don’t have family members to help care for them, but my mom wanted to die at home. It’s painful to see them dying and there’s not a lot that you’d do for them, it’s a slow death. I’m glad that we’ve this talk.

  9. I knew about Dr Porntip through the a Documentary programme on the national Geographical Channel, Hope she can keep up her works.

  10. Hi Liew, She also writes for Kullastree Magazine, I love her articles, very down to earth. I think she is one of the best that they have in Thailand.

  11. Great article. Now I know I’m not so crazy after all to dream about certain things and later to find them in real life. I don’t feel so alone anymore. Thanks!

    I’ll post more about my dream. Just for you, starting when I was little.

  12. Thanks Darly, you’re not crazy but gifted. I wish I was gifted or having six senses so that I can write my own story, but I just can’t see or communicate with ghost spirits no matter how hard I try. 😦

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