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New Friends


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The reasoning behind friendship for most of us is that sometimes it just happens, but at certain times, it’d seem like crossroads that two people would never meet again. I often ask myself as to why it’s this way, just like at certain time that I’d meet someone that’s really nice, but yet afraid to approach or get to know that person, might be that I’m afraid that they might think that I need something from them.

I guess it’s from my own personal experiences and looking from my own prospective that most that approached me because they want something from me, such as wanting me to do something for them, not truly want to be my friend, and once they get what they want and have no need for me anymore, then it’s the end of that friendship, this type of friendship is with condition and I seem to have a lot of that lately. As for this reasoning, I’m very cautious in approaching people, especially if they made it known to everyone how successful they’re as an individual, afraid that they might think that I need something from them.

I’m wondering how the other person that I’m afraid to approach would feel, it’s possible that others would also be afraid to approach him/her, might afraid to be wasting his/her time. Also, we have the tendency to think that since s/he is so successful in life, that s/he might not need any help and can take care of him/herself, which might have some truth to this and this person might be so busy with his/her life that s/he wouldn’t even have time for socializing with friends, let alone new friends.

I think sometimes meeting people at places such as ground zero during 9/11 disaster, or the tsunami in 2004 would most likely bring about real friendship because it’d be hard for anyone to fake or try to make themselves to look good amongst the horrific tragic of the events, and most would try to help as much as they can and give 100 % of themselves in what they’re doing.

Those that were there have had common interest, and that was to help alleviate suffering of others, in situations like these, I believe would bring about true lasting friendship, but it’d be something that most of us wouldn’t do, especially when looking for new friends. We have the tendency to want to meet new friends at happy places, such as churches, bars, or family get together, but this we’re taking the risk of not knowing the true self of that person, it’s sort of a hit and miss situation and if you’re lucky, that person might be a good person. If seeing them face-to-face were this way, then what about meeting people on the internet, EXTRA cautious I’d say, might be one in a million that you’d meet a good person that might bring about real friendship. I often judge people by their actions, words to me doesn’t mean a lot, it’s said, but if no action were to follow, then it’s meaningless, might as well not saying it at all.

Friendship should be something that is lasting because it’s based on a foundation that require the least in return, if a friendship were based on expectation of personal gain, then it normally doesn’t last very long. I’ve several good friends, not many mainly because I’m very cautious in meeting new people, and might be because new friends have certain expectation of me, it’s always something that they want me to do for them, but looking back now, those few friends that I have, we’re still friends because they don’t have any expectation of me, some I don’t talk to on a regular basis, but never the less, time might pass, but once we meet again, that friendship is still there because deep down inside, no matter how successful they are in life, they never once look down on me and might be because our friendship is based on no expectation of one another, this type of friendship I discover last forever.

4 thoughts on “New Friends”

  1. Oh believe me, most people would regard me a snob-brat fella. I do so with an utmost pride that I choose only those who can see me the way I am. I am a very vigilant to those who only makes friends with someone because they easily can take advantage of you. I sometimes think that being friendly is not so nice at all (I recalled I even posted about it). I can be a bad person if you want me to be.

    I still stick to the golden rules “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you”.

    Want some coffee? I can make one…

  2. Lol, funny K, not that your comment was funny but it’s funny that I feel the same way. People that knew me, know that I have some meanness in me, but I’m harmless, and I think most of us have that mean streaks but we just don’t want to admit because it doesn’t look too good, a bit feisty only adds character in my opinion.

    I love coffee, but it’s getting late, I’m going to bed, good night. 🙂

  3. I have come to realized that the friends I truly treasured are the ones I don’t see everyday. We maybe too many miles away from each other but I stick to those who stick with me.

    And if they haven’t found you yet, you immediate family is always there for you.

  4. Thanks K for the word of encouragement, I feel much better, it’s amazing what positive words can do. I should work more toward writing happy posts. 🙂

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