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Happiness Is Better Than Sadness…I’ll Tell You Why

I think life has its up and down, and very normal for some of us to feel stress at times, I know it’s very normal for me, might be that I’ve to deal with people at all times, day in day out. If stress is so normal, why do I feel so bad? How can I deal with stress? Some might take it out on their friends, co-workers, pets, or family members, but I happen to take it out on my blog. Sometimes my feeling dictates what I write, if it made you feel bad or sad after reading it, don’t be because feeling such as this pass, and can be replaced with feeling of happiness.

One of the good things that came out from this post was that I had a nice quiet day yesterday, might be that people were afraid to approach me. I had time to think about some of the issues that have been bothering me for quiet sometime, I can’t say that I’ve solutions to them, but at least I’m thinking about them.

I once read, awhile back that we can change bad situation into good just by our way of thinking. Silly, but after thinking about it, its all about feeling most of the time and the example that I’ll be using here is, if I lost my wallet.

Just the thought is upsetting, many scenarios ran through my mind, and then there’s my money, driver license, credit cards and other personal items in there. Now I’m feeling sad, upset, and here they’re talking about changing my feeling to happiness, how is that possible?

Simple, assuming that I had $100 in my wallet and now it’s gone, I’m just piss, actually it’s not so bad because if it were yesterday, I had $1000 in there, and here I only lost $100, so lucky that it wasn’t yesterday, so happy that I took part of it out and left it at home and only lost $100 and not $1000. At this point, I might feel a bit silly, and some of you might think that I’m nuts, but really, you have to feel it too for this to work, okay, so you’ve to be nuts, just like me, lets continue.

My driver license was in there, and now I’ve to get a new one, just the thought of having to visit the DMV is upsetting, small town like mine might take about half an hour, but big city like New York City might take about half a day. So, so upsetting, and to change this, think, my old picture was so outdated, the card looked so old, it’s probably about time for a new one, my new hair cut looks a lot cooler now, so happy that I finally get to take a new photo (some town might still use old photos in the computer, but if you beg them, they might take a new photo for you.) Such a waste of time you might think, but actually, it’s a good thing because now I’ve a real excuse to take off from work, I might just take off the rest of the afternoon.

I lost all my credit cards, to get them replace, it might take up to 7 days or longer. Actually, this should be a good thing because now I can’t use my credit cards up to 7 days, imagine if I were to have them and there’s a big sale, I could do some damage. This is something worth celebrating, at this point you might think I’ve lost my marble, but not yet, there’s still more.

I lost my wallet, and I’ve to get a new one. It’s about time, I’m just so sick and tire of the old one, and it was so old and dingy looking, now I can go out and get a new one, good deal.

This is just an example of losing my wallet; see how easy feelings can be replaced. You might think it’s silly, that I’m just fooling myself, but if it can change how I feel, why not. It’s better to smile about it than to be grumpy all day because in this situation, my wallet is definitely not coming back, I might as well make the best of the situation. If you like, you can apply this technique to any bad situation.

4 thoughts on “Happiness Is Better Than Sadness…I’ll Tell You Why”

  1. It’s normal to feel bad the moment you lost your wallet. This way it won’t happen again. But feeling positive about it can bring you good luck. 😉

  2. Hi Sim, a positive way of looking at things makes bad situation seems bearable, if its good luck, then that’s even better, wishful thinking. 🙂

  3. I know it’s difficult to always be positive, especially when you are stressed out. Or to even look at the bright side (or be pretty) when you can’t even get out of bed.

    But I found the best thing to do at times like this is have a “quiet mind”. I’ve been told that I am pretty calm under pressure. That is because I know some things are beyond my control. And I can exist without getting caught up in all the drama around me. It’s like a Buddhist-Zen thing.

  4. Salat, thanks for the word of encouragement, I’ll think of what you said the next time that I encounter a problem, sometimes I know that I shouldn’t get stress out over situations, especially if it’s the one that I’ve no control over because it’s not up to me to decide, but it’s easier said than done.

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