Best Way To Wash Baseball Caps

After I wrote a post on “Over Ridiculously Priced Pair of Rainbow Sandals,” and one of my co-workers washes her sandals in the dishwasher with her dishes, it’s been bothering me since, and a bit paranoid of what else people wash in their dishwashers with their dishes.

baseball-caps.jpgOne lady told me that her sons girlfriend’s dad washes his baseball caps with the dishes.Now this is also new to me, surely not, I thought to myself.She said that it’s a common practice amongst Americans, but most wash the baseball caps by themselves, and not with the dishes.I don’t care how you wash them; it’s still gross.I thought dishwashers are for dishes, and washing machines are for clothes. If I eat my meal from my sandals and baseball caps, then I might consider washing them in the dishwasher, but I certainly wouldn’t do that, not anytime soon, not in this lifetime.

Her son came by at lunchtime today, and he confirmed, “Yeah, her dad washes his baseball caps in the dishwasher, and the last time I was there; they were washed with the dishes.”You could imagine the look on my face, at this point, I didn’t know if to laugh or to cry.

I had to ask, “Did you eat at her house?” he said, “Yeah, her mom cooks good food, she makes everything from scratch, and it’s delicious.One time, she made cowboy soup, it was delicious!Have you had cowboy soup before?”We all shook our heads, no, not cowboy soup, what ever that was, and I was wondering if by chance, after they finished eating, did they also wash their cowboy hats with the dishes, Ewwww.

Just to make sure that this is a common practice amongst Americans; I had to confirm with another person, you guess it, the one that washes her sandals in the dishwasher with her dishes, I figure she’d know best.She replied, loud and clear, “Yes, it’s all sanitary at the end!”

Sometimes I wonder why I even bother to ask her, she’s also the one that couldn’t bring herself to wear anything that is made in Cambodia or Vietnam, because the whole Vietnam War Era traumatizes her.We had a long talk about this; she’s a character and one of a kind.

After googling for some answers, I was surprised to learn that the best way to wash baseball caps is in the dishwasher.Below was a question asked at

Question: What is the best way to wash a baseball cap, so I don’t wreck its shape?
— Melissa Morton, Winchester,MA

Answer: In the dishwasher — no kidding! And wash several at the same time to save water and energy. Put any dirty cotton or washable wool cap on the top rack, secure it by using several plastic clothespins, add the normal amount of dishwasher detergent, and run through a regular wash and rinse cycle. Remove the cap before the drying cycle and place over a large coffee can so it keeps its shape while air-drying.

You can also use a baseball cap form (available at sporting-goods stores) for washing and drying, either in the dishwasher or the washing machine.

6 thoughts on “Best Way To Wash Baseball Caps”

  1. I think it’s ridiculous to include your baseball caps in a dishwasher but then again, if the job done well, why not?

    Not that I am a fan of “caps”, I had one from RL and haven’t wash it since. I think the way it looks dirty, the more it looks rugged and funky (except of course the smell).

  2. I don’t wear baseball cap, so a bit silly for me to write the post, but there’re so many people out there that wouldn’t think this is silly, think of all those that wear baseball caps, mostly men of course, and like anything else need to be washed. Below are search terms that were used to get to my blog/post, interesting and these are just for today, I had quiet a bit yesterday.

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  3. I had a few baseball caps and I washed them using soft toothbrush. We didn’t have washing machine until a few years ago so washing clothes by hands was the way to do it. We have a dishwasher but was not allowed to use it. My parents thought by not using it we can save energy. My siblings said that I was their dishwasher, lol.

  4. >>I had a few baseball caps and I washed them using soft toothbrush.

    Darly, I think the way you’re doing is ideal but I would trade the toothbrush with a bigger brush. It really surprises me that most people that I talked to think it’s ideal to wash in dishwasher. I’m still old fashion, dishwashers are for dishes, I have to train my mind to think differently.

  5. I never wash my hats. hahahahhahah One of my baseball hat is really bad, it has all these streaks of sweat stained lines. Not to mention the smell of it, very unique I must say. LOL Nye, I should take the picture and send it to you. I think majority of your readers will be gross out.

    As for washing the hat in dishwasher.. sounds like a redneck thing to do for me.. hahahhaha sorry for being blunt. 🙂

    1. seeharhed, might not be a good idea to send me the picture, many people read my blog during lunch time. 🙂

      I just feel funny eating the food when people wash clothing items with dishes and cooking utensils, this is just like you don’t wash you dishes in a toilet bowl, just the idea grossed me out, but dog would drink from that. Lol. And when I was little, I heard story that the Ai Nong (communist) would keep their fish in the toilet bowl in Laos because they had never seen it before and didn’t know what it was, then the fish would swim down and disappear, and they thought people stole their fish. Lol. I thought that was funny, have you heard something like that?

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