Water Lily Pond at Wat Lao Buddhavong

This post is for Darly, my GI Joe sister picked these Water Lilys for you. 😀

Water Lily Pond at Wat Lao Buddhavong of Washington DC July 2007

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Wat Lao Buddhavong of Washington DC July 2007


  1. OMG. Thank you so much. The pond looks so dreamy, like a heaven would look like. Even the pond that used to be near Wat That Luang didn’t look this beautiful. I have never been on a canoe in a lily pond like this. This will be on my to do list. This would make a perfect setting for a date. 🙂

    Is there a way to save those flowers? I don’t know if you could dried them like roses or not.

  2. Hi Darly, this was on Sunday, she went there to help hanging the drapes for Wat, funny that we just talked about how much you like water lilys, and I thought of you immediately when I saw this.

    She told Ai Jhan that’s paddling the canoe that, “this is like a music video, Ai Jhan and Pou Sao picking flowers, whilst her husband standing at the shore looking” Lol

    I’m sure it could be dried like the roses, but it wouldn’t be pretty I’d have assumed. I think the way to do is to hang it upside down and let it dry naturally.

  3. I can see the Wat looking more beautiful already. 🙂

    Yes, the pictures reminded me of a music video that I saw a few days ago. It was a Thai male singer and he was on a canoe when his cell phone fell into the water.

    I wish I can master the art of drying flowers. I knew this one lady that has a hobby of drying flowers. Somehow they look nice in her house.

    At least we have pictures to preserve the beauty of the lily. 🙂

  4. “yak pen tha ke wai le pit krong……,
    sao muang Pijit adeed Sharavan….,
    raue mee sha uer shart tha yart Thapaothong..”

    This is a song I listened to earlier today. You heard of it Ginger?

  5. Hi Amphone, I don’t think I’ve heard of this song before, sorry. 😦

    Hi Darly, I think the younger generations of Laotian are loosing interest in Wat and my sister said that they’re placing Ads on TV, so you might see one coming up. I think posting about them in blogs help some.

    My GI Joe sister told the head monk that I want to go there to camp near the cemetery and write about ghost story. He said there’re plenty, and scary one too, do you want to come with me? 😉

  6. Hi Ginger,

    It’s like that everywhere. My siblings are not also interested in religion. They are busy doing their own things and even with Lao weddings, they just go for the food and that’s it.

    It is the same in Laos, but on a smaller scale. In Vientiane younger people are more interested in hanging out at the internet cafe or at a beer garden. Well, at least that is what I have been told.

    Even with my own relatives. I felt bad when we were going to Khone Phapheng and I was wearing a black pants and on our way back we made a stop at that temple on a hill. I didn’t feel it was proper for me to wear pants on the ground. But these days you’ll find plenty of Lao girls not wearing Sinh to the wat. In some towns there is a law or rule that you have to wear Sinh in order to enter the local wat. I think that is a fair rule. It is like some work place that required a certain dressed code.

    I think there is a generation gap for Lao people in the US, as well as in Laos. Laos is a very young country with more than half of the populations born after 1975. This is a posing problem everywhere on how to get the younger people involve in the community and to carry on the torch.

    I think I’ll pass on the camping trip to the cemetery. I like to talk to dead people in my dream, those that I know, not strangers that will give me a heart attack. 🙂

  7. Hi Darly, in the US, there’s no rule as far as dressing to Wat (temple), but people should know better not to dress provocatively, but sadly, I’ve seen some that dress inappropriately for the occasion. I often wore pants in the past, I don’t have that many Sinh. I think there might be a higher expectation in Laos as far as dressing to Wat, and that’s understandable because it’s part of our culture and our people are more concentrated back home, where as we’re more scattered in the US.

    I’ve never heard of having a heart attack when seeing ghost, more like hair turning white or gray. Lol.

  8. On “Ghost Hunters”, the guys went around old houses and buildings at night with their DV hoping to catch a ghost. They always go in team of 4s or 5s. And the way they go about it is so funny. The ghosts probably laugh at them and chose to disappoint them instead. If they wanted to catch ghost for real, they need to go to Laos or Thailand. They will certainly catch some actions.

    Ghosts are not scarly. Creepy is. See the Grudge? Whew, I screamed in that movie. Yeah right.

    When it comes down to it, can we face our fear? The man can’t. I was watching a Thai video clips awhile back about a possible sighting of paya Nark in the Mekong. It caused a big comotion for nearby onlookers. Everyone was repectful of the ancient One and dare not to go venture near. Boaters wanted to can get closer and take a good look but was scared. They all turned back. One westerner, who suppose to be brave and daring, was riding his jet ski near by. Everyone thought he was going to do it. I mean the whatever creature seemed to be willing to come forward and say “hi world”. But to everyone’s amazement, the man on the jet ski lost his nerve as he got closer. The creature continued to swim and swirl a few more minutes then disapear. No this is not the bang fhay pa ya nark story.

  9. Hi Amphone, I think it’d be some experience to be a part of a ‘ghost hunters’ team. I think we don’t know how we’d react to certain situation until it happens to us, and most people fear ghost because of horror movies, which ghosts kill people or hurt people, but that’s the creation of the director and writer of that movie. I do believe that ghosts exist and for you to be able to see them, you must be very lucky, that they’re trying to communicate with you, not everyone have that special six senses, and if we all do, most of us must have not known how to tune in to receive their signal.

    Thanks for sharing the story, I’m always fascinated with the story of mysterious creatures, and I think it’s a mysterious world underneath the sea.

  10. Are you a swimmer? Since my hero got killed by that sting ray, my life have not been the same. I can not believe he will die of something like that. I still will love sting ray though. Snoggling is a good way to enjoy and appreciate a part of this world that is so tuned out by so many. No air down there I suppose. Being up high on a mountain is great too. Not many people go there just like not many people go ghost hunting. Or shall we say, ghost seeking. Ghost were people too.

    People prefer to be clustered around one central area. They are more comfortable there. I never get the concept of a high rise office building where thousands live and work.

  11. Hey Amphone, I love Steve Irwin! His death was a tragedy and I was shocked for days. I still can’t believe he is gone! I even had a moment of silence for him at school! 😦

    Ginger, I believe in ghosts and spirits even though I have not seen one myself except in my dreams. A month after my grandfather(my dad’s father) passed away I had this vivid dream of him in his favorite clothes and flip flops. I dream that he was in Laos and we were all with him in this big house. I describe the dream to my grandma and she cried because she said it made her feel better because she thinks his spirit went back home to Laos. I was surprise because in my dream, I felt only peace not fear when I saw him. I was the only one in the family to dream about him. Some people say we dream about lost loved ones because we miss them or are thinking about them.

    My mother believes in ghost and spirits because she said when she was in Laos she would see them all the time. She said her great grandfather’s spirit would visit my grandma when she would move around. I will ask my mom about her ghost story and write about it later!

  12. Hi Amphone, I’m not a swimmer, but I can save myself if I’m in the water. I like to watch discovery channel when they show about the mysterious of the sea.

    Hi Karmadiva, thanks for sharing your dreams of your grandfather, I think part of it is because we missed them, but part of it is because they wanted to communicate with us. I love ghost story; I’ll keep an eye for your post.

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