Never Enough Time

Sometimes we like to think that there is no such thing as too late, but there must be for there to be such word as ‘too late’. Dan of D2B is one of my favorite Thai singers, and this song ‘Never Enough Time’ เวลาไม่เคยพอ “way-laa mai koie por”(sorry for those that can’t understand) is a constant reminder for all of us that sometime we only have one chance, so make the best of the situation. Once it passed, it’ll never come back, and that’s just part of life.

Let the word ‘too late’ be a constant reminder for all of us, that we should make time for the ones we love, whether it’s our friends or family, remember that ‘Time Waits For No Man!’

If after watching this video and you find yourself crying, it’s okay because it only shows that you’re only human. I did the same thing. 😉

Lyrics, This song is called “way-laa mai koie por” from the album ‘The album III: Freedom by Dan Beam.’

rao yang yoo duay gan eek naan saen naan

ฉันเชื่อตัวเองเช่นนั้น ถึงได้ปล่อยวันเวลาไปไกล
chan cheua dtua eng chen nan teung daai bploi wan way-laa bpai glai

kuan ja bok baang kam gor tam leum bpai

kit waa leua way-laa tao-rai gor por poot man

กว่าจะบอกตัวเองว่าอย่ามั่นใจ ก็เมื่อในวันที่สาย
gwaa ja bok dtua eng waa yaa man-jai gor meua nai wan tee saai

tee mai mee ter kaang-kaang gaai gan

yaak ja bok kam derm tee ter ror naan

chan gor leua kae piang sit bok ter paan saai dtaa

* และทีนี้เวลาที่มีไม่พอสักอย่าง
lae tee nee way-laa tee mee mai por sak yaang

อยากมีหนทาง ดึงสิ่งต่างๆย้อนมา
yaak mee hon taang deung sing dtaang-dtaang yon maa

ja got ter wai ja tam took wan hai mee kwaam maai hai mee kaa

ja mai tam hai ter bpuat jai

** ฉันไม่มีวันได้เธอคืนมา ฉันขอเวลาแค่บอกคำนั้น
chan mai mee wan daai ter keun maa chan kor way-laa kae bok kam nan

tee ter koie dtong gaan man yang tan chai mai

chan sia jai dta-lot way-laa tee rak-saa ter mai daai

สุดท้าย (สุดท้าย) อยากให้รู้ว่ารัก
soot taai ( soot taai ) yaak hai roo waa rak

daai dtae gliat dtua eng tee leum neuk bpai

ว่าโลกมีคำว่าสาย ไว้สะกิดใจให้ฉันรีบทำ
waa lohk mee kam waa saai wai sa-git jai hai chan reep tam

daai dtae got dtua eng gap kwaam song jam

tee ying yam waa chan man pit tee cha-laa jai

(ซ้ำ *, **)

ฉันขอได้ไหม แค่บอกคำนั้น (แค่บอกคำนั้นจากใจ)
chan kor daai mai kae bok kam nan ( kae bok kam nan jaak jai )

ที่เธอเคยต้องการ มันยังทันใช่ไหม
tee ter koie dtong gaan man yang tan chai mai

ฉันรักเธอตลอดเวลา แต่รักษาเธอไม่ได้
chan rak ter dta-lot way-laa dtae rak-saa ter mai daai

เชื่อไหม (สุดท้าย) เวลาไม่เคยพอ
cheua mai ( soot taai ) way-laa mai koie por



  1. You never know when you least expect it. Song that inspires me gives meaning to my ownself. Sometimes if I like a song, I can put meaning to every words and memorize the lyrics by heart. It is how I reflect to learn how to live. To follow our dreams, to be happy, to be inspired, to be positive but when we look back of the past, as you listen to these songs, it makes you even more stronger, sad for the time being but your heart smile because you felt it.

  2. I like the song you post Ginger. K put it so nicely. Elton John “Sad song say so much…doo la la..” The soft Thai songs are so relaxing. The musics are always well composed. They always easy to follow and learn. I usually learn the songs that match my emotion, take it to the heart and sang it.

    Can I request Ford’s “Yout throng nee tee tur” please” I kind na missed the song.

  3. While driving home from my mini-trip I was listening to my Pleng Ruk Rim Fung Khong เพลงรักริมฝั่งโขง CD. I was thinking how I really enjoy listening to Lao and Thai music especially the love songs because it’s more romantic. As I was listening to it, I was mentally translating the words to English and was thinking how the meaning of the song was lost in the translation. The way Weir and Alexander sings the song really reflects emotions of how two people would feel if they are in love. For example, the song Bor hoo pen yung : บ่ฮู้เป็นหยัง (I don’t know why) is a very romantic song about the promise two people make when they are in love. The song just made me realize how Lao/Thai is such a beautiful language!

  4. “Driving home this evening could have sworn we had it all worked out. You had this boy believing waiting on the shadow of a doubt…”

    Quickly name the song and the artist. Go!

  5. Hi Karmadiva, I’ve translated a lot of materials from Thai Magazine, and I’ve found that certain things can’t be translated, especially certain songs or poems. I think certain words just don’t have a translate word, at least not suitable words because the wordings are only written for that language only. Lao and Thai are beautiful languages, especially when written in songs. 🙂

  6. Thank you the song. You are so kind. Your answer to my trivia was fast and correct.

    “Got on board west bound 747…” How about this one?

  7. If only we don’t need to sleep, then we might have enough time to do all that we want to do. Our brain can go on and on. It’s our body that needs to rest, what a pity.

    I feel stupid for not knowing both of the songs you asked about Ai Amphone. I could have found the answers from Google but that would be cheating. 😦

    I’ll pass the last trivial question from you. If this was a one million dollars question, then I didn’t win. LOL.

  8. Pa jao, nong sao koy! Sa bai dee boh Darly? It was a fun playing trivia with Ginger. Its natural to google away. There weren’t any rule set. I believe Ginger answers came from the top of her head.

    Darly 😉 take care.

  9. Sabaidee Ai Amphone,

    I’m doing alright, thanks for asking. Missed you in Laos. I was talking about you with Fong while we were eating out. Remember him from the lunch table with his wife Phin at the First International Conference on Lao Studies?

    I’m going to take Ginger to Laos the next time. Wanna come with us? We might drive you crazy though.

    I think I’ll pass with the trivial game. I’m very bad with names and words game. When it comes to music, I only know the tunes and not the lyrics.

    Take care. I’ll keep my eyes on you from your postings. 🙂

  10. Hi guys, I can’t say that I knew all the songs, they sound familiar, I had some help from my friend you tube.

    Amphone, you gave Ginger too much credit; if this were K, he would have known them from the top of his head, he came from a family of musician.

  11. Okay Ginger, I take that back 🙂 . I just thought you were spontaneous and cool. You still #1.

    Darly, thanks for saying saying so. If I have known you were going to Laos and perhaps needed a side kick, I would have try to come along. So let me know ahead of time when are we plan to go to Laos. I went once. I’d love to go again. I have not seen my kin folks in a while. Everyone I ran into asked me to let them know when I’ll go to Laos.

  12. “…. if this were K, he would have known them from the top of his head, he came from a family of musician.”

    Gulp! sounds like you pretty much know a lot about me. Hahaha. I recalled when were just kids, our Dad would never let us leave the house (on summer breaks) to play with the other kids. Alll day we had to read music notes, understand every keys. In some point, I hated it. I didn’t learn to play any instruments and don’t know how to read music notes. I skipped his lectures, escaped while he was at the toilet and most of the time, I would get the butt-spanking (but I was prepared to put a cardboard under my pants cuz man, that gotta hurt!). As we grow older, listening to music is such a theraphy.Honestly, emotional songs are easy to remember than any other kinds of music. For me, you feel the attachment on their songs. I would play music in a background when I blog (or write) and play them many times until I get tired of it (and that’s why I can easily memorize it, the chorus part obviously). But I enjoy singing, in a karaoke bars or at least when I am taking a shower.

  13. Hi Amphone, sorry to have disappointed you, I’m definitely not cool and spontaneous, sad but true that I was never that person, and could never be. Odd and offbeat is more like me, sort of doing my own things, my way. I don’t need an approval, validation, or recognition in what I’m doing, and that might be why I get a long so well with Darly.

    Hi K, I guess after reading your blog for a while, I sort of pick up things here and there about the author, and you’re very generous with your personal information and experiences, unlike myself.

    You run a very successful blog, very entertaining to read and I always looking forward to reading you next post. I’m actually honored that you have time to read my blog and even commenting on the stuff that I wrote because honestly, my blog only has about 30% of the traffic of your blog.

    See, even your comment on my blog is interesting to read, thanks for sharing your story. 🙂

  14. Ginger, if you say so. Truthfully, who we are or who we protray to be is our right. I was just speculating because I don’t know.

    Sometime, I can see myself better through other poeple’s eyes. Other poeple’s approval, validation, or recognition are just part of life. I too do my own things, my way. In my own world, I think I am one cool cat. 😉

    later Later.

  15. I’m very bad at this, afraid to see myself through other people’s eyes, unless if I were to ask for their opinions, I’m this way because I don’t want people to expect too much from me and I might disappoint them, if that makes any sense.

    I get a lot from people that I should be writing about cars, love story, medical, business, fashion, and the list goes on, but that’s not me. I should have the freedom to write about any topics, I don’t have any problem here at my blog…its wide open, and I’m fortunate enough that also gives me this freedom. When people put me in a category, I feel very uncomfortable, I like my freedom.

  16. Its freedom. We all are free. Me? The moment I feel entangled, I become I’d try to break free immediately. I have been untangled and what I do now, on a day to day basis, is just enjoying the peace love and happiness. Too much to ask for sometime.

    …know what I mean jelly bean?

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