How People Came Up with Their Screen Names or Business Names

I think it’s fun to read blogger screen names, the reasoning and psychological reasoning that go behind them. Mine is Nye Noona, which was supposed to be a male blogger, a name with a slight attitude, that’s me. Then the latest name that I added to my bloggroll was Dangling Monkey, if I have to guess, he is somewhat adventurous, an outdoor person and was born in the year of the monkey, for him to be dangling like a monkey. Then there is Karmadiva, which her anthem for life is “If one speaks or acts with a pure thought, happiness follows one, like a shadow that never leaves”, (from Amphone’s blog,) she believes in Karma and that’s why she’s always trying to be pure in thoughts and actions, very nice gesture I think.

I also read Sao Lao, which is Darly, your average sao lao that loves Tum Buk Houng, oh, she might call it “Tum Maak Houng,” with her soft sweet Lao Northerner accent, the name describes her well. Knoizki, or K Speaking! lives in Hong Kong, someone gave him that name in college and kept it since, I often wonder if there’s any real meaning behind his name, maybe he’ll tell me, if by chance strolls by to read this post. Thesim, I wonder why Sim choose “THE” in front and not just Sim, might sound manlier or something. I read once that his name should have been ‘Simeung’, means color of city but he misspelled it, so got stuck with Simoung, Sim for short, that’s pretty cool, it’s ashamed that he misspelled his name.

I also read Wutthiphan’s blog, he lives in Thailand and recently visited the Southern part of Laos, it was a lot of fun to read, a very good writer but too bad most of you can’t read Thai language, but I’ve been waiting for a long time, still at the 2nd part of his trip…I’m beginning to wonder, what’s happening to the rest of his trip. I think he’s using his real name.

One of the things about the free version of Word Press is that we can’t change our Domain name, but we can change our display name. I changed mine from Nye to Ginger because I was trying to outdo someone and got stuck with it, that was silly of me to have done that, but Ginger is easy to pronounce and it’s grown on me now. I recently discover that it’s the same name as K’s dead cat, his (former) little rascal.

Then there are business names that I came across that are so odd, and I can’t say that I fully understand the psychological reasoning that go behind these names. There is a restaurant that I often pass by and laugh every time I’d see it; it’s called Hummer Dinger. I’m not sure what to think, but it’s a hamburger joint.

When people decide to open a business, then the name sort of tells of whom they are, so there’s a lot of brain storming involved. Most business names that I came across are somewhat suitable as to the types of business that they’re in, and some are just so obvious, they couldn’t have made them any clearer, such as CIRCUIT CITY, or any restaurants’ name. Then there’re some names that you have to stop and ask, Say what? Did I hear that right? You must be joking, right? That’s so funny? That didn’t make sense!

Well, I have several business names that I thought they’re somewhat funny, odd, weird, and wild names,







YELLOW RIVER (why yellow river? Did someone pee in there or something?)


BESTWAY (It’s a name of a trucking company, very confusing if they asked you to ship Bestway. What, the cheapest way?)



DR. LUCY ANN PRICE (not a doctor’s office, or remotely related to doctor)

(I’ll add more later…)


  1. Good idea. This topic is interesting. The psychological reasoning that goes behind naming our business name or our blog name. For an instance, in Atlanta there are a lot of Pho (Vietnamese noodle soup) places. One pho place always make me wonder what the owner was his thought process were while trying to name his pho restaurant. The name of the restaurant is “What tha Pho.” It sound like, yeah you know what.

    Your guess is almost all correct. I am an outdoor. Yes, I the out door adventure. Refering to my blog name, I guess over the years people may have seen me hanging around here and there. I have to go a lot of places looking for my bananas. When I started wordpress blog, I had no idea what I was going to name it. So the truth to this story is, it was Vilayhong’s comment at NIU’s Lao Studies I, “Still hanging around?” It was at the end of the meeting when I was still hanging around. Vilayhong who I have met two years prior while I attending Lao History Symposium at Berkly University, California. We are not friend or anything like that. Just met two times that’s all. Now, when I attend the Lao Studies II, I ran into her again. It reminded me of her comment right away. “Still hanging around?” This is because it was the only thing she has ever said to me.

    Back at home I ran into Ginger (you) who incouraged me to start a blog on wordpress. So there I was thinking of a name for my blog. At the I was checking my email too. One of them was a copying in email from Vilayhong’s to the LANA board. So my thought went to Vilayhong and her comment. Anyway, my thoughts was, I am some what a monkey… I love to hang around here and there…so my blog name would have to have monkey in it. So monkey-hanging. Got it! But instead of the word hanging I used the word dangling. Dangling is a word I first heard while serving in the military. We used the word dangling in the military while running PT (physical training), “Don’t let your dinggadang dangling gling in the dirt..pick up you dinggadang and tie it to your shirt.” That was one of the many military cadence we used to sing while running. There it was monkey and dangling. I meant to change it though. I have to think of something I like first.

  2. Hahaha thanks for the mention. My name was similarly known to, in general as an elder “Brother”. In my province, it is widely used to address for a guy, a dialect word that literally means “ma-noy” (a boy). I sort of like created it with unique spelling that you pronounce it with the silent “K” (refer to as “noy”), the last three syllabuls “zki” is to exagerrates for chat-use just to make it more a little complicated – and unique.

  3. Hi Amphone, “What Tha Pho,” that’s a funny name for a restaurant, I certainly wouldn’t want to eat there. BTW, you can’t change your domain name, sort of stuck with unless if you want to start another blog, I don’t think they did any upgrade yet. I think dangling monkey is a cool name, it’s unique and easy to remember, thanks for explaining the meaning behind your name. 🙂

    Hi ‘ma-noy’ and thanks for explaining your name, very interesting. You once suggested that I should do ‘word of the day’ and today seems like a good day to start. The word ‘ma-noy’ in Lao or Thai means ‘little dog’, ‘ma’ means dog, and ‘noy’ means little. It’s interesting that it sounds the same but has different meaning. I think I’ll just call you K, if I ever call you ‘ma-noy’ again you might just whack me. 😛

  4. Ginger, love this blog! Thanks for inspiring me to start a blog! 🙂 Oh, before I forget, Amphone I laughed so hard about the “What Tha Pho”! With that kind of name for a restaurant I would expect a big African American cook in the back making Pho instead of an Asian! Like everyone else I sat and thought of a name that would represent not only my personality but my philosophy so I came up with Karmadiva. Karma because most people know what it means and can relate to the concept of what goes around comes around. As for the diva part, usually this term has a negative connotation, but I thought it fits me because I am a strong , vocal, open-minded, passionate, and convinced about my beliefs! The good thing is I don’t throw a tantrum and expect people to meet my demands! 🙂 Also, I am the friendliest person you will ever know. I have no shame, I will talk to anybody and yes even the trash man! I am quite gregarious!

  5. Hi Karmadiva, I knew just by your comments at Laoplanet that you’d love blogging; I’m glad that it’s working out for you. One thing that I found out for myself, after blogging for a while is that I’m more open to new ideas and more readily to accept other people’s ideas if they make sense to me, sometimes I’d be able to see what they’re talking about without even agreeing with them, I guess I’m loosing my stubbornness in a way which to me is a good thing, I’m moving toward the right attitude. 🙂

    Gosh ‘ma-noy’, you’ve been trying to hide your age all these years and now your’re telling me. It’ll be a secrete, I won’t tell anyone. 😉

  6. Well revealing your age is not a biggie really. I always want people to think that being old makes you grow and as we get older, it is much easier to stay positive. I would love to become old. We all know that we are not going to live forever, but while we are still here, I try not to worry about what I will be. And so, I shall eat dessert, every single day.

  7. Back again. Sitting here at my favorite coffee shop enjoying my second cup. I will be so high on caffein by the time I am done today.

    K, I see you got my meaning on my blog name. The ladies probably can’t relate to that 🙂 I often try to do my best to explain my thoughts. Oh, if you are old, I must be ancient. The Chinese zodiac says that I am a horse. The thing about getting older, for me, I feel better and more confidence about how I look and feel.

    On “What Tha Pho”, it is actually one of the better pho place in town. It is very well manage, curteous and professional, ambiance is ok. I think the main man in the back is a Chinese or a Vietnamese still. In Georgia, the kitchen workers are mostly Mexicans immegrants. I’d recommend it to my friends if they are in the area and close by. To me a Vietnamese pho is a Vietnamese pho. They all taste just about the same. I see them as a quick fix…in and out stuff. The best pho is still pho Lao, more kick to it…

    Like Karmadiva, I will talk to any body. A blog works for me in many ways. It helps me to see other people with more respect. More than before. When replying to a blog I brushed up the language, attitude, and negatives without loosing my true self. I appreciate people who share their stories. I think thats part of giving. Life is give and take. We are the same 80%. What set us apart from each other is our thoughts and deeds.

    I read Karmadiva’s blog just recently. I will take more time to leave my comments. I started to write a comment on your blog a couple of time. I took too long so the site just “Wap” disappear. I will prewrite the longer comment on Word first. Especially the topic on Laotian American and Education one. Some of the topic on there are of interest to Lao man dot com [help other poor Laotians succeed]. 😉

  8. Hi Amphone, like I said to ‘ma-noy’ K (‘ma-noy’ means ‘Brother’, Yep 😀 ) you’re not old at all. I think you’ve to be over 70 to be considered old, so if you fall somewhere in between, you’re still young, or at least youthful.

    I passed by Atlanta one time coming back from Tampa, FL. I took my parents there because at one time, they thought they wanted to move to FL or GA, and we even went house hunting in GA, but it didn’t work out. One of my GI Joe sister’s friends took us to a Pho Restaurant, but I didn’t pay attention to the name, it’s very neat. It reminded me of NYC, meaning Asian people, its buzzling with young people.

    I also like blog format because people can leave comment or exchange ideas, often times you’ll have the same people that’d leave comments, so you get to know them well. It’s also a median to meet new friends from different part of the world, just like ‘ma-noy’ K living in Hong Kong, I love his photos and stories.

  9. Hi folks. I’m Sim from California. I’ve left a few comments at Nyenoona’s. But this time there is a name behind it. My reason for TheSim was simple. The username Sim already was already taken.

    This is a hard topic to ignore because it’s like introducing ourselves in class for the very first time. My ‘misspelled name Simoung is actually a bad word if pronounce incorrectly. But this is much better than my Vietnamese classmate whose name is Phúc Yu. 😉

  10. Hi Sim, I’m glad that I didn’t try to pronounce your name ‘si-moung’ like the way you, I’ve never seen it in that light before. I often wonder what Simoung meant until I came upon your old site then it all makes sense to me. I think Asian people have funny name, I‘ve a Vietnamese friend that I grew up with named Hai, I often called him, ‘Hi Hi’, he hated it, and changed it to an American name now, but he is still a ‘Hi’ to me. 😀

    I hate to be Phúc Yu, I think I’d change that if I were that person.

  11. Wow Sim that is a …ah… different name! I would be scared to say your name outloud in case others were listening. 🙂

    I’m Lao and part Vietnamese and my middle name is Maa. It can sound like the Lao word for mom if you say it a certain way. My mother named me after a lovely song about a young girl a guy was chasing. It’s ironic but my mother didn’t allow any guy to come chase me or flirt with me when I was a young girl! 😦 She should have at least live out my fantasy of young men following me around! Hahaha

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