Update On My Fish Pond

I came home for lunch today and my water lily is in bloom, the only time that it’d bloom for me is during the noontime, if I wait until evening, it’d have been closed. I got lucky today and couldn’t resist showing it off.

I’m happy as to how the pond looks now, but it has not been this way in the past, more like pea soup color, I was a bit depressed at first. At one point, I drained out half of the water and refilled it with new water, and dropped all kinds of chemical in there to make it clearer, but nothing seemed to work. Then I visited my second sister, she told me that it was supposed to be like that for the first couple of weeks until the ecosystem of the pond balance itself, at this point I feel a bit stupid, but at the same time relief that there’s hope for my pond.

The water lily plant seems to help make the pond water clearer; I read that when you introduce desirable aquatic plants into your water garden, they compete with pond algae for the available nutrition, and if there are enough plants, they’ll naturally minimize the available nutrition and in the process, they’ll control pond algae for you naturally. I think my Koi fish also eat the algae. Below are photos taken today





This photo below is taken this morning, Saturday July 21, 2007



  1. Wow Ginger! I am so impressed with your fish pond! I can’t believe the water lily is alive and blooming! They are my favorite flower!You definitely have a green thumb! My thumb is so black I’m afraid to even touch any plants! I’ve killed cacti, bonsai, and so many other plants that it would take forever to list it here! 🙂 Yes, many plants have fallen victim to my black thumb! I even had a koi pond before but my friend’s kids threw rocks at the fish murdering my poor fishies! When I went outside, I thought it strange that the fishes were swimming upside down until I looked at the kids guilty faces! Needless to say my friend did not get too many invite to my house! Learn from my mistakes! Don’t leave trust any kids near your fish! 🙂

  2. Hi Karmadiva, I’m too embarrassed to take credit for the water lily plants; they just take care of themselves. Last year I had them in a small pond, surprisingly they survived the winter months because the pond was not that deep and it was sheet of ice on top in December and January. I was able to separate it into 2 plants and my younger sister gave me 2 more lily plants after I completed digging my pond. It’s very relaxing to be around the pond. 🙂

  3. I love fishbowls, gold fishes, aquariums & anything that lives in water.

    I am an aquarian – now that explains. Nice pond btw.

  4. Hi K, It’s very relaxing to watch these fish swimming and hearing the water at the same time. This is my first big project in a long time, I’m thinking about adding another level to this next year, sort of waterfall cascading down.

    Since you live in a city, if you like fish, beta fish are easy to care for and the males are colorful and beautiful, but the females are a bit plain Jane (that didn’t make sense to me, should be the opposite.)

  5. Extremely beautiful pond. You’re absolutely a green thumber. Very useful information!

    Waiting for an update on the pond and got it as promised. Thanks. 🙂

  6. My oldest sister told me that it looks like a bathtub; I guess the rectangular shape does somewhat give that appearance but I like the clean straight-line looks. I’m glad that you think it’s beautiful; you always have eyes for stuff like this. 🙂

  7. Beautiful pond! I like the first picture of the blooming water lily. Our pet turtle would love to munch on all those green stuff.

  8. Hi Salat, thanks for the compliment; I thought you might like something like this. 🙂 I’m glad that we’re miles apart, otherwise I might have to keep eyes on you, and your turtle, my fishes are making enough damage on these lily leaves as it is.

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